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The Alt-Center, Starkianism and the Demystification of Social Capital










Originally Published by Shane Eide on Emerging Hermit

There’s something to be said for those in whom the sign of the times less offers an omen and more flashes across their periphery like a neon sign at an amusement park.

In 2019, the assumed excesses of prefixing an ‘Alt’ to any political fringe is virtually guaranteed to incite misunderstanding, scrutiny and suspicion. In that sense, the Alt-Center is a shameless affair. However, it isn’t shameless merely because of its ideas – which are eclectic – but rather, because of its ultimately strategic knowledge of where it sits within the dissident sphere.

The impending antiquation of older ways of thinking about politics is not for them an indication that some inevitable new path will soon announce itself, for which they will conveniently be the vanguard. Rather, this antiquation is for them an occasion to consider the possibility of creating something wholly new whose expression may unfold in ways as varied as one could imagine.

Journalist, artist, novelist and host of Stark Truth Radio, Robert Stark, has built something of a salon for Alt-Center ideas on his show, where, as of late, one may hear talk of Starkianism – existing in its own corner of Alt-Centrism. Roughly put, Alt-Centrism is where ideas of the dissident right and dissident left meet, and is itself comprised of concepts such as Aesthetic Socialism, Aristocratic Radicalism and Alt-Urbanism.

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Robert Stark interviews Matthew Pegas about The Alt Center & Neon Nationalism











Matthew Pegas blogs at Alt of Center | Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of Beauty


How Matthew discovered the Stark Truth via the interview with Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu
Matthew’s political transformation from a Leftist to a “Starkian” Alt-Centrist
The connection between politics, sexuality, and aesthetics
Beyond Liberalism: A Political New Wave
Neonationalism; nationalism and politics based on aesthetics
Creating an Archeo-Futuristic sub-culture that is so aesthetically pleasing that it can out-compete Liberal-Universalism and Global Capitalism
Architecture as a form of erotica
The Alt-Of-Center Guide To Aesthetic Warfare
The phenomenon of progressive cultural interests gaining an identitarian consciousness
The scene as the inevitable result of urban, middle to upper class “SWPL’s” becoming “Red Pilled”
The Idea of Homonationalism
San Fernando Valley Photo Essay and Neon Signage on Ventura Blvd
Income inequality and the demographic transformation of The Valley and LA

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James O’Meara reviews Journey to Vapor Island














James O’Meara reviews Robert Stark’s novel Journey to Vapor Island; Magical Miserablism: Robert Stark’s Myths of the Near Future.

“Robert Stark has achieved something remarkable here. He’s taken the basic elements of a common kind of alt-Right narrative — basically, the youth who, because of his intelligence and sensitivity, becomes a murderous outcast from a degenerate society — and managed to avoid these miserablist results by infusing them with his own private, even idiosyncratic, obsessions.

Precisely by their personal nature, they communicate a brilliant energy to the narrative, lifting it out of the realm of a necessarily pessimistic Present Year realism and into a kind of magic realism whose conclusion — here is the key to the achievement — never feels tacked on like a Hollywood ending but rather seems a satisfyingly integral part of the work.”

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Robert Stark interviews The Adventure Kid

Robert Stark and Co-host Pilleater talk to the Adventure Kid. His Moniker is based on the erotic manga series Adventure Kid. The Adventure Kid describes himself as a Locofoco, Jeffersonian, Red Tory, Christian anarchist. and Socially Conservative Socialist


Robert and Pilleater discuss the films The Amazing Panda Adventure, and The Crush with Alicia Silverstone
Pilleater’s youtube interview with The Adventure Kid
The Adventure Kid’s interest in Anime, and the avant garde anime of the 70’s and 80’s vs. the “disneyfied” anime of today
The Anime Angel Cop, which has fascist themes
Batman: The Animated Series as the Adventure Kid’s ideal utopian society, and the Art Deco, Film Noire, aesthetic
Art, Architecture, Peter Moruzzi’s book Classic Dining: Discovering America’s Finest Mid-Century Restaurants
Old School R & B, Bobby Brown’s Korean love interest in New Edition’s If It Isn’t Love, and “Death and the Maiden” (The Verlaines song)
Alt porn, Porn stars Nina Hartley, Mia Khalifa, Nadia Ali, Bailey Li, Priya Anjali Rai all of which have made x-rated movies like those shown on, and Robert’s favorite erotic model Emily Bloom. He’s also parital to tuning into some of the live cam girls shows over on Babestation when the mood takes him; Hannah is one of his favourites, see here – Part of what attracts him to Babestation, apart from the girls (of course), is the ineractivity.
Avant Garde filmmakers Gaspar Noé, Harmony Korine, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and John Waters
Kerry Bolton’s Artists of the Right, Wyndham Lewis, and Italian Futurism
The origins of the Alt-Right in Avant Garde Culture
How The Adventure Kid’s views have evolved since starting out as an SJW Obama supporter
The Alt-Right, Alt-Left, Anarchism, and why the Adventure Kid does not want to be pinned down to one movement, and considers himself a man of multiple movements
The Adventure Kid’s interest in Counter-Currents and Keith Preston’s Attack the System
Bill Kauffman, the America First movement, and the early 20th Century Populist Movement including Robert M. La Follette
The Adventure Kid’s Black Identity, assimilationist vs. Black Nationalist, Afro-Asianism, and how that relates to his interest in the Alt-Right
Social Conservatism and Christianity
The Adventure Kid’s Left leaning views on the Environment, Drug Legalization, Banking, and Healthcare
Donald Trump, and why the Adventure Kid supported him primarily because of trade and immigration, and where he is disappointed with Trump
Economic automation, Robots as a solution to mass immigration, and the need for a basic income

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Robert Stark and Pilleater talk about the Film Salò









Robert Stark and Pilleater talk about the film Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Topics include:

The film was based on the book 120 Days of Sodom, written in 1785 by the Marquis de Sade, and was even more extreme than the film
De Sade’s nihilistic anarchic philosophy towards sex, in contrast with today’s society, which has replaced traditional morality with new moral codes rather than De Sade’s libertinism
How each generation tries to shock their elders, and how de Sade,’s work is shocking even by today’s standards
The book Sade by Jonathan Bowden
Kerry Bolton’s book The Psychotic Left
Ian Brady’s The Gates of Janus: Serial Killing and Its Analysis
Censorship, Sade’s imprisonment for his writings, and the banning of the film in Australia
Author Peter Sotos, who has been compared to de Sade, and also prosecuted for obscenities
Photographer Will McBride, who Sotos has written about, the censorship of his Sex Ed book Show Me!, his art book Coming of Age, and Lasse Nielsen’s films
The theme of adolescent sexuality, innocence, and the desecration innocence
Avant Garde filmmakers Harmony KorineLarry ClarkKenneth Anger, and Nagisa Oshima
Larry Clark’s film Kids
Brooke Shields in the film Pretty Baby
The portrayal and theme of Fascism in the film, and the line “the fascist are the true anarchist.”
Pasolini’s political and cultural views, and his Catholic Paganism
Pasolini’s homosexuality, his love affair with teenage Ninetto Davoli, who was in Salò, and depictions of homo eroticism in the film
Race play in sex, the Nazi S&M Film The Night Porter, and sado-masochist themes in films dealing with political and racial taboos
The film Hard Candy, which is Salò in reverse, but fits within the politically correct narrative
The dominant submissive paradigm in human sexuality
Eli Roth’s torture porn Hostel series
How we have become detached from violence and death in real life, and seek it out in film
The theme of sex as power
The other worldly transcendental aspect to sex

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Part II: Interview with James O’Meara about Green Nazis in Space












Robert Stark, Rabbit, & Alex von Goldstein talk to James  O’Meara about his new book Green Nazis in Space  published by Counter-Currents Publishing. James O’Meara is also the author of The Homo and the NegroThe Eldritch Evola and Others, and End of an Era: Mad Men and the Ordeal of Civility

Topics include:
“Green Nazis in Space”: James O’Meara reviews The Green Lantern
Fascist themes in Comic Books
The Fetishization of Fascist Aesthetics and how that relates to how people end up sympathizing with the villains in film
Kafka: Our Folk Comrade about and how Kafka was a satirical yuppie writer rather than the tortured profit of the Holocaust
Michael Nelson’s A Room in Chelsea Square, a gay novel about a London gentleman who seduces a younger man
Young Man From The Provinces: A Gay Life Before Stonewall about The homosexual subculture in the 1950’s
The distorted view of the past
Mystery Science Theater
Jack Donovan’s Androphilia, which encourages homosexual men to adopt heterosexual masculinity
How James’s reject both the left’s gay rights movements as well as the right wing view that homosexual’s are deviants and must be purged from society
How the key issue is what homosexuals contribute to society
How conservatives became anti-intellectual when they purged the homosexual
A critique of the Manosphere and how the movement isn’t truly “Red Pill”

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Part I: Interview with James O’Meara about Green Nazis in Space

Green Nazis in Space











Robert Stark, Rabbit, & Alex von Goldstein talk to James  O’Meara about his new book Green Nazis in Space  published by Counter-Currents Publishing. James O’Meara is also the author of The Homo and the NegroThe Eldritch Evola and Others, and End of an Era: Mad Men and the Ordeal of Civility

Topics include:
The Rise & Fall of the Männerbund in Pre-War American Pop Culture
Jeffrey P. Dennis’s We Boys Together: Teenagers in Love Before Girl-Craziness
Changing depictions of masculinity in film and how male bonding has become equated with homosexuality
“That’s so 80’s”
Depictions of road trips in film such as National Lampoon’s Vacation, and it’s decline
Depictions of the future in film
Reflections on Sartorial Fascism and the decline of male fashion
Michel Houellebecq’s anti-sexual utopia
Thoughts on Islam, and how the Arab and Islamic world once produced great culture but has been corrupted by Oil Rich Gulf State Wahhabis
“The Gilmore Girls Occupy Wall Street” and James Howard Kunstler
Steve Sailer’s article on Boulder, Colorado about liberal white utopias
The Old Gay House: James’s review of A Passion to Preserve: Gay Men as Keepers of Culture

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Robert Stark interviews Paul Bingham about Black House Rocked & Cultural Trends












Topics include:

Paul’s Novel Black House Rocked which Robert interviewed Paul’s co-author Emril Krestle about
How almost everything in the story was based on real life events
How the protagonist’s story was inspired by a friend of Paul’s who was falsely convicted of Child Molestation
Why Paul picked a character who was at the bottom of society
How Paul see’s his characters as willing to pay the price for their qualities
The cultural and political topics covered in the book
The setting the book, an economically decimated community in the Ozarks
The Fabian concept of a commuter town which led to modern lifeless bedroom communities
Why the culture of Flyover country should not be fetishized
How despite regional differences the media sets the culture and values in America
Paul’s view that the Alternative Right tends fosters a critique of society without producing any goals or culture
The Poet & The Cat, how Paul gives Robert credit for it’s inception, and production, and how he wrote the script when he was drunk, broken down, in the middle of the night
James O’meara Reviews The Poet & The Cat
The writer Taylor Caldwell
How the theme of theme of nihilism and viewing society as empty is nothing new(ex. Dostoevsky)
The concept of dying with honor
How the bloodshed and violence of the middle east has produced great poetry and literature
Saddam Hussein’s literary work and why Paul want’s to see it translated into English and made widespread
Black humor and finding humor in the worst situations
Paul’s theory of generations; Millennials versus the younger generation who are still in their teens
How the 1980’s was the last decade of cultural innovation in music
How Rap has always been about selling out since it left the streets
The genre of angry rock in the 90’s that died off after the Columbine Massacre
James O’Meara view of acceptable versus unacceptable homosexuality
Paul’s view of the German band Rammstein as an example of unacceptable homosexuality
John Houston’s critique of Tennessee William’s play The Night of the Iguana from his memiors
The “Wiggerfication” of Country Music and Rednecks
How the lack of real life experiences leads to the sterility of the culture
The film  Winter’s Bone which is set in the Ozarks like Paul’s book
How Paul views Robert Stark as one of the few truly independent journalist

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Robert Stark interviews The Truth Will Live about Cultural & Aesthetic Decline

Photo on 5-12-15 at 5.00 PM #2













Topics include:

Her Art History Major in College
Her take on modern art and how it was innovative at first but has become repetitive
Why the mainstream right has little interest in arts, culture, and aesthetics
The decline of cities and the creation of bland suburbs
How mainstream conservative view the destruction of historic communities as part of the “free market”
How the Alternative Right attracts creative types and takes a more Eurocentric outlook
Why the people  and culture is more important than economics in having a successful society
How there is something Spiritual and Transcendent about aesthetic beauty
Anarcho Tyranny which is an imposed standard of no standards
How standards in fashion have declined
How the upper class are emulating the aesthetic standards of the proletariat
The role of Aesthetics in Judaism and Jewish Culture

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James O’meara Reviews The Poet & The Cat

The Poet & The Cat 

Directed by Robert Stark

Written by Paul Bingham

Staring: Robert Stark & Charles E. Lincoln II


If you’re a fan of losers and serial killers, and enjoy the alt-Right despaircore writings of Andy Nowicki or Paul Bingham, you’ve probably said, “Gee, I wish I could visit them at home, see them writing away on a rickety plywood table under the light in the kitchen, interacting with their cat and drinking a glass of Two Buck Chuck!”

Well, thanks to Robert Stark, and YouTube, now you can!

The Poet & The Cat is stars Robert as the poet undergoing a quarter-life crisis (which is a new one on me, but apparently is a thing), and Charles E. Lincoln II is the cat; that is, the voice of the cat, who sounds distractingly like Judaic radio show crank Mark Levin, especially when he starts ranting in German.  The cat, I mean.

It’s fun to see Robert bring the poetry-scribbling loser to life, and the cat is a hoot as he ventriloquizes Bingham’s bleak worldview.


“You’re like a woman, you know.  You come at me shadowboxing, both paws extended; only then do the claws come out, and dig in so deeply.”


The “feline Mephistopheles” insistently tries to draw the poet’s thoughts from working his ordinary life problems into art and toward mass murder as the real path to fame, money and women; while constantly becoming distracted by the urge to hunt a mouse or complain about having been fixed.


“Just move like a cat. You’re good at that.  All you girlfriends say you can be a creep.”


Suffering weltschmerz after reading too many Hopeless Books?  Feeling like a Delta Male after checking out too many man-o-sphere blogs?  Ignore that clickbait at Salon or HuffPo, and go here for a quarter-hour of someone else’s entertaining quarterlife crisis.