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Robert Stark talks to Ann Sterzinger about her Novel LYFE (Elektra’s Revenge)















Robert Stark and co-host Paul Bingham talk to author Ann Sterzinger about her new new novel LYFE (Elektra’s Revenge), A SCI-FI ROMANCE GONE TERRIBLY WRONG… Meet Elektra, the angry young woman of the future. It’s the fifth millennium, and Earth One is a faint memory. After nuking itself stupid, the human race limped off to the only orb our spacecraft could reach: a tiny inhabitable moon that’s so small and overpopulated that society cajoles the normies into being gay. The crowding is worsened by the mysterious ability of the upper classes to become immortal by ingesting the local psychoactive substances… the same drugs that kill the lower classes. No one seems to know why or how this works, but Elektra knows it’s not fair. As the series begins, we find Elektra trying to get revenge on a fickle old lover by sleeping with her husband. But instead of ruining their marriage, Elektra ends up falling for the husband instead. Elektra is so busy plotting revenge on the theater producers who pass her over for roles in favor of Immortals, she hasn’t noticed that her torrid affair is bringing her ever closer to solving the dark mystery of why some people live forever while others die as junkies… Welcome to LYFE, the first book of the Elektra’s Revenge series.

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