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Robert Stark interviews Daiva Sanda












Robert Stark talks to Daiva Sanda about her ongoing nightmare. Daiva is originally from Lithuania and resides in Chicago. You can contact her at


Topics Include:

Daiva’s experience living in Lithuania and her view that Lithuanian culture in much more altruistic than America’s

How she views Americans in general as distant and not willing to help those who are down on their luck

Her experience with the Family Court System

How her assets were stolen by her landlord

How she was arrested for trespassing in her own apartment

How her sucessful import business was destroyed

How the Chicago Police Department are one of the most corrupt in the Nation

How the Police offer little help for victims

Racism among the Chicago Police Department and Court Staff

How she was rejected when seeking help from private charities

How the audience can help her


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Robert Stark interviews Dr. William Todd Overcash about Family Court System Corruption



Robert Stark  is joined with Charles Lincoln to interview Dr. William Todd Overcash  about his personal experiences with the Family Court System and how it promotes economic sabotage, social destruction, and genocide.

William Todd Overcash  is a Medical Doctor from Ocala Florida.