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Robert Stark interviews Apex about Systems & Agency












Robert Stark and Apex talk about Systems, Pan-Enclavism, and the Alt-Center. Apex is a former leftist from a landless North Eastern Native American Tribe, and loosely part of the Post-Left/Post-Right sphere. He describes himself as the “Cartographer of the Simulation and the Architect of Post-America.” Subscribe to Apex’s Substack and follow him on Twitter.


Why the Left are Hyper-capitalists
How we can embrace certain leftwing social policies while rejecting the philosophical framework
Systems and Agency
Why All Politics are Identity Politics
Robert’s Proposal for a New Alt-Center which offers a counter-argument to the slippery slope fallacy and O’Sullivan’s First Law with core philosophical principles
Why There is no such thing as a “Private Company” and why The Right is No Home of Mine
Distributism, Adam Smith’s critique of absentee ownership, and why market power matters more than supply and demand
The huge and confusing gap in theorizing power structures
The viability of alternative institutions such as in finance and education
Pan-Enclavism: the case for communal self-determination as a bulwark against mass homogenization
Post Americanism: embracing America as an internal empire
Politics as a cope: The LARPing will continue until morale improves

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Robert Stark talks to Matt Forney about Life in Mexico













Robert Stark talks to Matt Forney about life in Mexico, social and political trends, and upcoming books from Terror House. Matt Forney is an author, journalist and founder of Terror House Press, whose mission is to publish outsider literary fiction, literary nonfiction, and cultural criticism/analysis. You can also follow Terror House publishing on Twitter and Instagram.


Why Matt decided to relocate to Guadalajara, Mexico
The overall quality of life, cost of living, and misconceptions about Mexico
Mexico’s more laxed covid lockdown
Class structure, demographics, and urbanism of Mexico
Jalisco as the cultural center of Mexico
The absence of woke culture in Mexico and the Right softening their stance towards Mexico
How the pandemic has exacerbated the worst social trends of the 2010s
Political trends: breakdown in institutional trust, political and economic bifurcation, neoliberalism’s loss of soft power, and transformation of the Democratic Party into a Woke Tea Party
Matt’s reviews of The Pussy by Delicious Tacos and Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert by Richard Power
Upcoming books from Terror House Press: Dragon Day by Matthew Pegas, The Columbine Pilgrim (Audiobook) by Andy Nowicki, and Welcome to Hell by “Bad” Billy Pratt

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Robert Stark & Richard Wolstencroft discuss the Film High-Rise
















Robert Stark and Melbourne based director Richard Wolstencroft discuss the film High-Rise (film), a 2015 film by British director Ben Wheatley, based on the novel by J. G. Ballard.


The Bush Fires in Australia, climate change narrative, and other factors
Deep ecology and right wing environmentalism
The Science Fiction of J. G. Ballard including the timely The Drowned World , and how Richard would like to adapt his work into a film
The 70s Retro-Futuristic aesthetic
Brutalist architecture in High-Rise, and the genre in Clockwork Orange and Richard’s upcoming film The Debt Collector
Ironies of the film’s dystopian nature and how it compares to other dystopian films such as Joker
A self-contained city, an Arcology with all amenities within the same structure
Class conflict in a society where all classes live within the same structure
Metaphor for the breakdown of civilization
The unsustainable of the neoliberal system
How technology exacerbates inequality
Archetypes of the characters, including filmmaker Richard Wilder, an apocalyptic anarchic figure
The theme of attempting dialogue with gate keepers and elites who refuse to listen
The architect, a Nietzschean figure, an aesthetic and technological visionary in contrast with our managerial elites
Conspiracy theories vs. the view of elites as a managerial class who extract resources with no vision for the future

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Robert Stark talks to Bay Area Guy about Bullshit Jobs












Robert Stark talks to Bay Area Guy about Bullshit Jobs: A Theory by David Graeber and his Review of Bullshit Jobs published on Alt of Center.


Bay Area Guy’s background in blogging at the defunct Occident Invicta and move to the left economically
David Graeber’s background as a left wing anarchist and involvement with Occupy Wall Street and the anti-globalization protests of the late 90’s
Bullshit Jobs as the culmination of The Managerial Revolution
Neo-feudalistic economy based on extracting wealth and distributing it to underlings who maintain the system
Loyalty to the system more important than productivity or innovation
How the system is held together for political and moral imperatives rather than economic
A leisure economy and subsidies such as a basic income as necessary for innovation
The argument that handouts will make people lazy does not take into account the need for status and feeling useful
The moral imperative that value comes from work
Graeber‘s belief in compensating work that benefits the common good
90’s comedy Office Space as a parody of dehumanizing corporate culture
Despite automation don’t underestimate late capitalism’s ability to create more bullshit jobs
Parallels between conservatives calling the poor entitled and SJWs’ “check your privilege”
Bay Area Guy’s support for Bernie Sanders from the beginning and dissident right’s disappointment with Trump
Kamala Harris’ regressive Neoliberal record of harsh justice for the rabble and impunity for elites

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Robert Stark interviews Ramzpaul about the problems of SCALE











Topics include:

The Shy Nationalist?
Amren 2015 – The Faces of Evil?
RamZPaul’s Amren Speech on The Redpill, Globalization, and SCALE?
What is the SCALE problem?
3 Things For a Young Man To Know?
Why do White Men commit suicide so frequently?
Dickonomics (response)?


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Robert Stark interviews John Robb on Open Source Warfare












Topics include:

John Robb’s book Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization

The Four Generations of Warfare theory

How open source warfare became predominant when nuclear weapons deterred conflicts between major nations

How decentralization is the asset of non state actors such as ISIS

Why John does not view ISIS as a proxy for nations such as Saudi Arabia

How ISIS got it’s start during the Syrian conflict

His prediction that we will never win in Iraq

Hamas and Hezbollah

How an open source movement is not an  organized organization


Why it’s inevitable that Open Source Warfare will spread will spread to the West due to economic stagnation

How an economy based on financial institutions is unsustainable

How a managerial economy is a zero sum game

Why education and healthcare costs have gone up is because of an increase in loans

How the FDA shut down 23andme which does genetic testing and could of revolutionized medicine

The commercial use of drones

Edward Snowden


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