Robert Stark interviews Jeffrey Mishlove









Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview Jeffrey Mishlove, the host of Thinking Allowed and New Thinking Allowed. His is the author of The PK Man and The Roots of Consciousness.


Jeff’s background in parapsychology, having the only doctorate in the field
Raymond Moody’s“Life After Life,” life after death, near death experiences
The discipline of parapsychology
New Thinking Allowed exclusively on YouTube compared to Thinking Allowed on PBS
The beginning of Thinking Allowed
The synth intro of Thinking Allowed, the possible vaporwave influence of it
Alan Watts, New Age philosophy
Terence McKenna, LSD and drug use
Ted Talks and conspiracy theroies
The PK Man
The theory of open-consciousness, psychic experiences
Geographic locations with spiritual connections
The audience behind New Thinking Allowed, strange book stores
Transhumanism, Mishlove’s art, prescription drug use
The setting in Thinking Allowed, how Jeff get’s guest on the show
YouTube comments

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