Robert Stark interviews Author Shane Eide


















Shane Eide blogs at Emerging Hermit and is the author of Artists Go To Hell: Novellas and Stories


Artists Go To Hell and theme of celebrities becoming symbols of something they are not
Kafkaesque theme of  waking up in a centralized prison/insane asylum where nobody can give you a straight answer about where you are
Shane’s upcoming book Contours of Nothing, a collection of aphorisms on politics, relationships, art, and religion
Shane’s interest in metaphysical ideas
How psychology drives politics
Shane’s Attempt at Self Description
How being politically homeless and not fitting into a slot is bad for marketing
Tracing the Lineage of a Radical Center
Radical Centrist thinker Gore Vidal
The Alt-Center, Starkianism and the Demystification of Social Capital
Emerging Alt-Center concepts such as Smart Socialism, Aristocratic Radicalism, and Neo-Tribalism
Parody book review of Incel by Corey Ruttner

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