Robert Stark talks to Rachel Haywire about her Campaign for President





















Robert Stark talks to Rachel Haywire about her campaign for President under the Transhumanist Party. You can register here to vote for her in the Transhumanist primaries. Rachel is a musician, event producer, writer, model, and is currently the CEO of Avant Design, a new agency focused on bringing a unique aesthetic to both tech and media.


Trans-humanist policies: neuro engineering, cybernetic implants, and radical life extension
The wealthy gatekeepers in Trans-humanism
Crypto-currency for specialized healthcare
Funding for MDMA and LSD as therapeutic remedies
The political ideology of beyond the center
Thesis on the restraint of mental freedom
Funding for the transgressive arts and giving artists a greater role in the economy
Rachel’s book The New Art Right
National Futurism and creating nations of the mind
An end to imperialistic global trade policies
An end to credentialism
Greater awareness and support for neuro diversity
The deplatforming of political dissidents and center right gate keepers
A UBI of 2k/per month, funded by taxing Woke Capital and an end to overseas intervention and mass incarceration
Releasing a music track about running for President

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