Robert Stark & Matthew Pegas discuss their New Documentary (((Supply)))












Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas discuss their new documentary (((Supply))). When Podcaster Robert Stark’s dreams of greatness don’t seem to be coming true in Santa Barbara, he heads down to LA to meet the one moral leader who has all the answers: Luke Ford. Produced by Stark Truth TV.


The mocumentary theme and side story of Robert Stark’s quest for supply
The interviews with Luke Ford which focus primarily on psychological themes
Using creative output, politics, and online personas to achieve narcissistic supply
Narcissistic supply filling a void that is missing from healthy social bonds
Social status as a core human need
The feeling that you have unjustly been denied status and whether it is based in reality or a coping mechanism
Architecture in Beverly Hills and the contrast between aristocratic aesthetics and the faux liberal capitalist elites
How social status relates to politics
Maladaptive daydreaming and how it can be both destructive and a source for creative inspiration
An Afternoon With Robert Stark in Santa Barbara
Erotic energy as a force for creative pursuits and the importance of sex to both status and forming bonds
Luke’s play Eroticized Rage
The cinematographic and production process
Stark Truth TV as an offshoot of Apocalypse Culture exploring areas of “forbidden knowledge”

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