Robert Stark talks to David Cole about Political Incorrectness in The Porn Industry

Robert Stark and co-host Matthew Pegas talk to David Cole about the political incorrectness of the Porn Industry. David Cole writes for Takimag and is the author of Republican Party Animal. The thing is you can find most of these topics being exhibited by many porn sites but that doesn’t mean the industry is hurting from the incorrectness surrounding it.


Lessons From My Porn Girl: David’s friendship with Porn Star Kirsten Lee
How porn is the last arm of the entertainment industry that has survived politically correct censorship
How porn is unique in entertainment in that it caters primarily to its consumers’ desires
Racial themes in porn
The racial pay scale in the Porn Industry
The theme of humiliation and degradation in porn
David’s article about James Gunn: Shouting “Pedo” in a Crowded Twitter
The scalp for a scalp mentality and why David thinks that it is counter productive
The increase in censorship and political correctness in comedy
Creating new alternative entertainment networks and a new Apocalypse Culture
Adam Parfrey Saved My Life

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