Robert Stark Interviews Paul Gottfried on the Frankfurt School













Robert Stark interviews Professor Paul Gottfried. Topics discussed include:

  • His recent speech at the Identitarian Ideas conference in Sweden
  • The origins of the Frankfurt School
  • The Jewish nature of the Frankfurt School
  • Why the Frankfurt School is not orthodox Marxism but cultural Marxism
  • Cultural Marxism and political correctness
  • Gottfried’s book The Strange Death of Marxism: The European Left in the New Millennium
  • The cultural Marxist abandonment of the working class for managerial class/cognitive elitist identity politics
  • The Leftist/communist origins of neo-conservatism
  • How American academia today is far more radical than cultural Marxism
  • The conservative cultural values of the classical bourgeoisie, orthodox Marxists, and even the Frankfurt School compared to the values of the contemporary cultural Leftist managerial class
  • Anti-racism and cultural Marxism