Robert Stark interviews Colin Liddell about Radical Islam & the Black Pill











Topics include:

The Paris Terrorist attack and the political reactions to it
The profiles of the terrorist and how one was a refugee and the other was Belgium born of North African origin
9/11 and how the Neocons exploited it to promote wars in the Middle East, Spy on American Citizens, while not enforcing our own immigration laws
Colin’s article LARPING THE CALIPHATE about how ISIS is able to exist within a power vacuum
How many men who join ISIS join to feel powerful rather than for religious reasons
How ISIS has designed an approach to feed off the news media
How Western Elites have tried to win over Muslim immigrants with hedonism and consumerism
How Muslims in Europe have an inferiority complex and cope with violence and a belief in religious superiority
How young men have a psychological need to feel dominant and have a sense of pride
How young working class white men are being pushed to the margins and whether they will become radicalized
American Spree Shooters and how they compare with Muslim terrorist
Colin’s article THE BLACK PILL
How the Blue Pill represents accepting the values of society
How the Red Pill rejects modern society and seeks to restore a more organic society(ex. Identitarians)
How Blue Bill losers tend to turn to a sedentary lifestyle rather than embrace the Black Pill
How the Black Pill represents nihilism and appeals to disillusioned Red Pillers
How western society has become totally atomized unlike Muslim societies which are tribal
Colin’s article on Casa Pound in Italy
Colin’s interview with Casa Pound’s leader Gianluca Iannone
Casa Pound’s Third Positionist strategy opposing usury, supporting the poor, and the struggles of oppressed people’s in the Third World

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