Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about the Paris Terror Attack, Migrant Invasion, & the Middle East

Paris Terror Attack










Charles Lincoln has a PhD in Anthropology, History, and Archaeology from Harvard University

Topics include:

How the terrorist attack was made inevitable because of the migrant invasion
The psychological torture and cognitive dissidence caused by the attacks and how to process it
How the prime suspect registered as a refugee in Greece
What value is it to be humanitarian to foreigners when it destroys your own way of life
How France surrendering in WWII saved Paris from destruction
Whether civil war will break out in Europe
French Colonialism in North Africa and how that lead to mass immigration into France
Charles’s trip to Paris in 2005 when the riots took place
Marine Le Pen and the Front National
Whether France will have to reject their values of Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité
Conspiracy theories about the attack
Article 5 of NATO that declares any attack on a NATO member is an attack on all NATO members
How Islamic Terrorism is a product of an “invade the world invite the world” agenda
How treasonous western elites are encouraging invasions
The parallels between Ancient Rome when they invited Barbarians when their own citizens would not cooperate
Eastern Europe as a bulwark against the invasion
Muslim refugees in the United States and how they have been resettled in mostly white and conservatives states
How Western powers, Israel, and the Gulf States want to see the destruction of the Assad regime in Syria who is fighting against ISIS
The recent ISIS attack in Beirut, Lebanon
Whether this conflict will lead to WWIII and possible scenarios
How Russia could be the last hope to save Western Civilization
Charles’s experience in the Middle East as an archaeologist and how most of his personal experiences with Arab people were positive
How Charles found Syria and Lebanon to be the most sophisticated of the Arab countries he visited
Whether Islamic peoples should be viewed as the enemy or are these conflict artificially manufactured

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