Robert Stark talks to Kevin Kautzman about his Play Moderation

Robert Stark talks to St. Paul based playwright Kevin Kautzman about his new play MODERATION. Moderation is a dark comedy about social media content moderators loosing their minds at work. RSVP at MODERATION to view the play online for free until Dec. 19th.  Moderation will premier live in March of 2022 at St. Paul’s Waldman’s Brewery, as the first in a series produced by Kevin’s Mad Mouth Theater company.  Check out Kevin’s podcast Art of Darkness, web series Money Shot Show, and follow him on Twitter.


How Moderation’s premise was inspired by a “normie rag” article about content mods being radicalized by conspiracy theories that they were forced to monitor
The psychological components  to the play
References to meme culture
The political vs. profit motives of censorship, and Keith Woods on The Vulture Capitalist Behind The New Twitter
The Dark Comedy genre in cinema, literature, and theater
Corporate gatekeepers suppressing creativity in cinema
Kevin’s Art of Darkness episode on Stanley Kubrick
The casting and production process for Moderation
How Moderation is in the same Zeitgeist as the film Joker
Kevin’s observations on the decay of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro

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