Robert Stark & Matt Pegan discuss the California Ballot Initiatives
















California’s tradition of ballot propositions, the pros and cons of direct democracy, and Christopher Lasch’s The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy
Geographic breakdown of ideology in California (political ideology map)
Proposition 14 on Stem Cell research which is no longer restricted federally (No)
Proposition 15 on taxing commercial real estate at market value which would be good for urbanism (Yes)
Proposition 16 on Affirmative Action which is divisive and a form of austerity (No)
Expanding voting:  Proposition 17 which restores voter rights for felons (Robert Yes, Matt No) and Proposition 18 (No)
Proposition 19 which would exacerbate the Intergenerational Wealth Gap (No)
Proposition 20 which restricts parole (No on one size fits all crime bills)
Proposition 21: concern that rent control could limit the supply of new housing (No)
Proposition 22 on the Gig Economy (No)
Proposition 23 on requiring physicians for dialysis clinics (No)
Proposition 24 which lacks the support from key tech advocacy groups and could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing (No)
Proposition 25: replaces cash bail with risk assessment (Yes)
California congressional elections, True Con Republicans, and notable Democratic candidates including Shahid Buttar running against Pelosi and Yang Democrat David Kim
Robert’s presidential endorsement of Brian Carroll of the American Solidarity Party and Matt’s tepid backing of Trump
Trump’s missed opportunities for another stimulus and to challenge Biden on populist grounds
Why Biden’s return to normalcy is an insult to voters

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