Robert Stark talks to Kevin Lynn about the Election & Economic Crisis











Robert Stark talks to Kevin Lynn about 2020 election issues including the pandemic, economy, and immigration policy. Kevin Lynn is executive director of Progressives for Immigration Reform and founder of US Tech Workers and Doctors without Jobs.


Kevin’s past involvement with progressive politics during the Bush era, and how that movement was watered down into today’s woke left
US Tech Workers’ victory for Tennessee Valley Authority workers, and Kevin’s meeting with Trump
The recent Presidential Debate as symbolic of polarization and decline of the Empire
Trump’s initial executive order restricting foreign worker visas that was later watered down
How the pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in our nation’s borders
Trump’s support for The CARES Act bailout and PPP loans for corporations with limited benefits for the public
The stock market being propped up by buybacks, the K-shaped recovery, and dangers of an economic bubble burst
The benefits of remote work
Kamala Harris – Silicon Valley Love Affair
How immigration and handling of the pandemic have become part of the divisive culture war

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