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The Swamp Swallows Donald Trump on Immigration















Robert Stark talks to Kevin Lynn about the swamp swallowing Donald Trump on immigration. Kevin Lynn is executive director of Progressives for Immigration Reform and founder of US Tech Workers and Doctors without Jobs. PFIR exists to protect American workers from unemployment and wage suppression caused by unfair labor and trade practices, including importation of large numbers of foreign workers who are subject to exploitation by foreign and domestic corporations in the United States. PFIR seeks to enhance the working conditions of people worldwide through enhancing economic, health, social and environmental conditions in developing countries worldwide.


Trump’s  support for dramatically increasing legal immigration in State of the Union Address
The need to view immigration as an issue of labor supply rather than legality
Trump’s past support for the Raise Act which would of reduced legal immigration levels
Trump’s statement that unemployment has declined does not take into account the underemployed or people who have given up searching
The defeated Yoder bill reborn as the Kamala Harris/Mike Lee Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act that would eliminate country caps
Special interest lobbying for this bill including Silicon Valley tech executives, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and GOP mega-donor Koch brothers.
How India would make up the majority of green card recipients under this bill
High-Skilled Immigrants Act would discriminate against Smaller Countries and the Austin Statesman’s Example of waiting periods by country under current law
Trump Plans ‘Potential Pathway to Citizenship’ for Foreign H-1B Workers
How 71% of Silicon Valley Tech Workers are foreign born
About 40% of H-1B Jobs Give Employers a $40,000/Year Discount
The potential impacts of automation on White Collar jobs including tech
Sen. Grassley Introduces Mandatory E-Verify Legislation
Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich

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