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Robert Stark interviews Thom Young










Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview writer Thom Young. He is from Texas and sees outlaw country as an influence. You can buy his books at Amazon.

-Young’s background in Texas, the culture, and the environment.
-Young’s books: Westworld, Noir, Patsy, GrindhouseDead Flowers, Champ
-Outlaw Country, Jim Goad, Louis L’amour, Feral House, Nine Banded-Books
-The influence of Texas within Young’s writing
-Dark themes in Young’s work, alienation
-Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski, Hubert Selby Jr.
-Young’s work in Poetry Quarterly and other magazines
-Purple Onion
-The cover art on Young’s books
-Thom’s brother Jeb, who designs many of his covers and runs Tumbleweed TexStyles
-The Brutalist Marina City Towers on the cover of Dead Flower,  Film Noire, and Mid Century Road Signage
-Young’s Instagram and his she poems
-Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot compared to Dead Flowers
-Grindhouse films
-David Lynch Films
-Typewriters, The Astrohaus Freewrite
-Jonathan Bowden, KMFDM, Wyndham Lewis, …single word titles.
-Anthony Burgess, Conspiracy Theorist Jim Marrs
-Traveling, Road Trips, San Juan Mountains, Colorado
-Interest in History,  the Old West, Civil War, WWII novel Voices of the Pacific
-How Young had a new sense of creativity after his Stroke when he was 13
-Young’s upcoming project Instapoet

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