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Robert Stark interviews New Retro Wave Artist Robert Parker















Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Robert Parker. Robert Parker is a Synthwave/New Retro Wave musician  from Stockholm, Sweden. Check out his SoundCloudTwitter, and Facebook Page


How Robert started making tracker techno music in the 1990’s, and got into New Retro Wave in 2009 after buying a Korg Polysix analog synthesizer
His use of a variety of hardware synthesizers in his music including the Roland Juno 106
The New Retro Wave Genre, how the film Drive exposed the genre to the masses
The Noire sounds of Kavinsky in contrast with the more upbeat Retrowave Sound of College; Parallels to Vaporwave and Cyberpunk
Robert’s nostalgia for growing up in the 80’s, early influences, and the Swedish media in the 80’s
Italo discoNeue Deutsche Welle(Alphaville), 90’s French House Music(Daft Punk)
The audience of New Retro Wave(40% United States and 40% Russia and Europe, largely men in their 30’s, but a growing number of women in their early 20’s
Robert’s vinyl album Crystal City on NewRetroWave Records
Robert’s new album Awakening for Lazerdiscs Records
Robert’s upcoming performance with College, and Waveshaper at the new club NEON on March 18th in Stockholm
NewRetroWave Records, which is the main company that produces New Retro Wave music
Illustrator Florian Renner who designed Robert’s Crystal City Album, and Miami Nights 1984′ Accelerated, and his animations of 80’s Retro-Futuristic Cities
Russian artist Aleksey Rico who designed the poster for the Chiptune Retro Wave Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia
The footage from films used in New Retro Wave Videos,  Robert’s favorite 80’s films, and the influence of the film Tron on New Retro Wave aesthetics
Robert’s thoughts on youtube channels uploading his work
Pilleater’s Parody using Andy Milonakis rapping over Miami Nights 1984

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