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Robert Stark interviews Game Designer Andy Looney











Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview Andy Looney. Looney is a game designer, computer programmer, and writer. He operates Looney Labs and has designed Fluxx The Card Game. His latest game is Pyramid Arcade.


Looney’s interest in games, the card game Nuclear War
Looney’s games Fluxx The Card Game and Icehouse
Icebreaker for 3DO
Looney’s work for NASA
The origins behind Icehouse, Looney’s short story “Icehouse.”
The history behind Cosmic Wimpout, The Grateful Dead
Cosmic Encounter, Killer Bunnies and The Quest for The Magic Carrot
Looney’s advocation for marijuana legalization.
Pyramid Arcade: 22 games with pyramids! Homeworlds. Stonehenge
Looney’s novel, The Empty City
The art of Aquarius, Peter Max, Looney’s cartoons
The influence of drugs upon game design
Tabletop board game culture vs. Hippy culture
Looney’s card game Chrononauts, Back to the Future, The Butterfly Effect
Games designing as fine art. Players becoming apart of the art piece, Art games
Retro Futurism, Andy’s favorite genre which is the 1930’s Deco Machine Age, Metropolis, James Turrell
Meta-games, Virtual Reality, Conventions
The debut of LooneyCon
Richard Garfield’s Characteristics of Games

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