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Robert Stark interviews Rabbit about the Alternative Left













Robert Stark and Alt Left Blogger Robert Lindsay talks to Rabbit. His moniker is based on John Updike’s Rabbit, Run and he blogs at AltLeft.

Topics include:

Rabbit’s political journey and involvement with the Alternative Right
How the Alternative Right tends to attract people who oppose political correctness and mass immigration but have left wing views on economic and social issues
How Rabbit discovered the Alternative Left from Anatoly Karlin who suggested he check out Robert Lindsay’s blog
Rabbit’s Alt Left Manifesto
How 60’s icons such as Brigitte BardotEric Clapton, and Art Garfunkel have criticized mass immigration
How the real divide is not between the Right vs. Left but between Nationalist vs. Internationalist
How the Alt Left exist in the space between Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan(Similar to Radical Centrism)
How the modern left embraces globalization and combines Neoliberal economics with political correctness
How the Alt Left opposes laissez-faire capitalism, excessive consumerism, and free trade
The Dysgenic effects of Corporate Capitalism
Why Rabbit supports soft socialism but thinks it can only work within a homogeneous society
Why Rabbit opposes “warm body democracy” and agree with Robert A. Heinlein that people must prove they are invested in the community to have a say in government
How the Alt Left is pro technology and sympathetic to Transhumanism
Why progressive values are best preserved under Western Civilization
How the Alt Left tends to be secular as well as tolerant or indifferent to abortion, birth control, homosexuality and prostitution
How Rabbit is interested in modern art and culture
How Rabbit is basically “purple pill” on gender issues, agreeing with certain manosphere concepts while rejecting the crude machismo and blaming western women for all the societies ills
The Northwest Secessionist movement
Rabbit’s interest in the Zodiac Killer

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Robert Stark interviews Colin Liddell about Radical Islam & the Black Pill











Topics include:

The Paris Terrorist attack and the political reactions to it
The profiles of the terrorist and how one was a refugee and the other was Belgium born of North African origin
9/11 and how the Neocons exploited it to promote wars in the Middle East, Spy on American Citizens, while not enforcing our own immigration laws
Colin’s article LARPING THE CALIPHATE about how ISIS is able to exist within a power vacuum
How many men who join ISIS join to feel powerful rather than for religious reasons
How ISIS has designed an approach to feed off the news media
How Western Elites have tried to win over Muslim immigrants with hedonism and consumerism
How Muslims in Europe have an inferiority complex and cope with violence and a belief in religious superiority
How young men have a psychological need to feel dominant and have a sense of pride
How young working class white men are being pushed to the margins and whether they will become radicalized
American Spree Shooters and how they compare with Muslim terrorist
Colin’s article THE BLACK PILL
How the Blue Pill represents accepting the values of society
How the Red Pill rejects modern society and seeks to restore a more organic society(ex. Identitarians)
How Blue Bill losers tend to turn to a sedentary lifestyle rather than embrace the Black Pill
How the Black Pill represents nihilism and appeals to disillusioned Red Pillers
How western society has become totally atomized unlike Muslim societies which are tribal
Colin’s article on Casa Pound in Italy
Colin’s interview with Casa Pound’s leader Gianluca Iannone
Casa Pound’s Third Positionist strategy opposing usury, supporting the poor, and the struggles of oppressed people’s in the Third World

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Robert Stark interviews Bay Area Guy about the Radical Centre

Pat and Ralph










Topics include:

Bay Area Guy’s article The Radical Center
How Radical Centrism combines the best aspects of the right(ex. Pat Buchanan) and the left (ex. Ralph Nader) against the corrupt establishment
How the establishment combines the worst aspects of both the left and right
More on the election and why Bay Area Guy supports Bernie Sanders
How Radical Centrism could be co-opted by the establishment
Making Sense of White American Misery
How hyper individualism leads to high rates of suicide and mass shootings
Why “Diversity” is Simply Code for “Non-white”
How to Win by Refusing to Say Sorry
The Importance of Historical and Global Awareness: Bay Area Guy’s Brief Thoughts on 1984

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Robert Stark interviews John Médaille


Robert Stark and co-host Charles Lincoln interview John Médaille. John is a retired businessman who teaches in the Theology and Business departments at the University of Dallas, and is a senior scholar with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War, a former city councilman, and the author of two books, “The Vocation of Business: Social Justice in the Marketplace” (2007) and “Toward a Truly Free Market: A Distributist Perspective.”

Topics include:

The culture and economy of Texas
How a Free Market is defined by a high degree of competition and participation
How capitalism is not a truly free market because it leads to consolidation
How conservatism became redefined as corporate global capitalism instead of local control and tradition
The need to end corporate subsidies and regulations favoring large corporations
Wal-Mart and the hidden inefficiency of our distribution system
Monopolies in the media and communications
Anti-Trust Laws
Banking and the need to end to big to fail banks in favor of localized banking
Georgism and the theory on land speculation
Why John favors a wealth tax over an income tax
How the breaking up of large estates led to the economic success of Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea
How those examples differ from Communist land confiscation in Zimbabwe and the Soviet Union
The Emilia-Romagna Cooperatives in Northern Italy
Free Trade deals and how they destroyed small businesses and manufacturing
Healthcare reform: licensing, guilds, and insurance

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Robert Stark interviews Dota about Oligarchy & National Capitalism

Pay Ratios

Dota is a Canadian Paleoconservative of Indian origin. He blogs at Occident Invicta

Topics include:

Dota’s article Oligarchy 101 about how 5 banks rigged the Foreign Exchange Market
National Capitalism – A Third Alternative?
Japan as a National Capitalist Society
Dota’s article America’s Tainted Democracy about how South Asians are beginning to use their wealth to buy political clout
Resisting Our Cultural Marxist Elites – A Few Strategies To Consider


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Robert Stark interviews Eugene Montsalvat about Alain de Benoist’s On the Brink of the Abyss

On the Brink of the Abyss
Alain de Benoist: On the Brink of the Abyss is available from Arktos Publishing

Topics include:
Eugene’s review of On the Brink of the Abyss
The Origins of the Financial Crisis
The Dollar, at the Heart of the Crisis
Free Trade and Protectionism
Death on Credit
Public Debt: How States Have Become Prisoners of Banks
The Euro Should Be Made a Common Currency
Middle Classes and Working Classes: A Politics of Poverty
Immigration, the Reserve Army of Capital
Should a Citizenship Income Be Instituted?


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Robert Stark interviews Rachel Haywire

Rachel Haywire














Robert Stark and guest co-host The Truth Will Live talk to Rachel Haywire

Rachel Haywire is an author and tech journalist from Los Angeles, California. She runs the dissident political magazine Trigger Warning( and was the founder of both the Extreme Futurist Festival and INSTED. Once upon a time she was also an industrial music producer and fetish model, who was featured in various anthologies about the occult, politics, philosophy, and alternative culture. She is now finishing up her degree in Philosophy, with a focus on applying Nietzsche to a modern day context. Her first book was a travel memoir called
Acidexia about her journey through the North American zeitgeist. Her New book out is The New Reaction published by Arktos.

Topics include:

Her ideological journey
How the cultural left has become the establishment
How the counter culture has become part of the mainstream culture
The physical appearance of liberals
How the far right and far left overlap
Her article Breaking up with Neoreaction
The concept of how there is the 98% of the conformist masses, the 1 % that exploits the masses, and the true 1% of free thinkers
Could a society of true free thinkers sustain itself
National Futurism
The concept of the Übermensch and how it should be based on free thinking as opposed to just physical traits
Whether Conformity is a genetic traits and how conformist are the untermensch
Transhumanism and how it could be implemented
Political Correctness and the exclusive focus on technology within Transhumanism
How Psychiatry can be used to stigmatize dissenting views
How PR has become more important than substance and ideas
The Thriving Pulse of Decadence

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Robert Stark interviews Eugene Montsalvat










Eugène’s Montsalvat blogs at the Niekisch Translation Project and his articles can be viewed at Counter-Currents

Topics include:

Turn Left, New Right!

Nationalism & Class Struggle

The Necessity of Anti-Colonialism

Ernst Niekisch and National Bolshevism

Robert Stark interviews Anthony Migchels on the Basic Income













Anthony Migchels is a monetary reform advocate from the Netherlands. His website is Real Currencies

Topics include:

Proposals for a basic income

How a basic income should be implemented and how it should not

Social Credit

Why Anthony supports an Asset Tax

The myth that the top wealthiest pay the most in taxes

How we lose up to 90% of our income to Usury, taxation, rents and high prices through Monopoly and associated artificial scarcity


Robert Stark interviews Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer










Richard Spencer is Editor of RADIX JOURNAL, Founder of the Alternative Right, and President of THE NATIONAL POLICY INSTITUTE.


Why he quit the Alternative Right to start Radix Journal

The need to reject association with the right wing and phony left right spectrum

Richard’s thoughts on the Republican Party victory

The need to create a new “Centrist” movement that is pro-environment, anti-wall street, and socially moderate

How both Robert and Richard have much in common culturally with SWPL’s and hold many views associated with the left

The myth that Millennials want mass immigration, but rather associate the anti-immigration movement with the right wing of the Republican Party

Why the immigration restriction movement has failed

Facing the Future

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