Part II: Robert Stark talks about his Trip to Europe













Robert Stark joined with Constantin von Hoffmeister discusses his recent trip to Europe.


European Nationalist hatred of modern art and architecture
Constantin’s comment on tearing down old buildings to troll radical traditionalist and Nick Griffin’s response
Italian Futurism and how the Italian Fascist were more progressive on the arts than the Nazis
Nick Griffin’s speech in Milan on the future of Europe
Guillaume Faye vs. Alain de Benoist’s views on America
Milan as a modern city with a historic core
Italian Cuisine in Milan
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, GUM in Moscow, and the architectural inspiration for 80’s American malls
The Cathedral in Milan, the military security presence, and the recent attack at the Cathedral in Berlin
How terrorism is becoming a common occurrence in Europe
The European migrant crisis and how Italy has been effected the worst
Whether Western Europe is a lost cause and potential scenarios
Observations on the demographics of the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, and Italy
Why the Czech Republic and other Central European Nations are more Nationalistic than Western Europe
Is Czechia(Czech Republic) the World’s Best Country?, by Anatoly Karlin
Nudist culture in Germany and America’s Puritanical hangups

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