Poolside Over Politics with Anatoly Karlin

Robert Stark talks to Moscow based blogger Anatoly Karlin about his resignation from the Unz Review, current events, geo-political trends, and revisiting political predictions from past podcasts. Check out Anatoly’s new Substack: Powerful Takes and follow him on Twitter.


The Last Reaction: Why Anatoly is returning to his roots as an independent blogger
Anatoly’s assessment of Biden’s presidency
The continuation of countering China as part of  the US foreign policy consensus
The post-pandemic economic recovery, the inflation scare, and risk of crash due to financialization
The pandemic as a test run for UBI and zoomers demanding higher wages
The pollicization of vaccinations (anti-vaxxer Red Tribe in America and Anti-Putin Communists in Russia)
The minimal impact of covid lockdowns on fertility trends and why Anatoly predicts that Germany will have a higher fertility rate than India by 2050
The US withdrawal from Afghanistan
Why Anatoly embraces The Great Reset but thinks its overhyped
What to expect out of the Woke Culture War
Why Anatoly predicts Biden vs. Trump in 2024, with a Biden victory
Why American politics  are no longer of a concern since Anatoly returned to Russia

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