Robert Stark talks to Director Richard Wolstencroft about The New Twin Peaks: Part II









Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to filmmaker Richard Wolstencroft about the new Twin Peaks series. This is the sequel to our last show on The New Twin Peaks


How we left off on the previous show predicting that the series will end in the White Lodge
Robert Stark and Jay Dyer’s prediction at the beginning of the series that the primary theme will be about the Deep State investigating the Black Lodge
The beginning of the “Blue Rose” investigation into the Black Lodge
The Black and White Surreal “Lynchian” Episode 8 set in New Mexico and the responses to it
Lynch’s fascination with evil and the cameos of the creature from Mulholland Drive
Whether Dougie Jones(Cooper) will regain his consciousness
Twin Peaks: How the Insurance Man explains everything, maybe
Phillip Jeffries and the secretive forces that wants Cooper dead
The transformation of the side characters, how some have risen in significance, while others have become a side note
The role of the deceased Major Briggs in the series
David Lynch’s character Agent Gordon Cole becoming the new Cooper
Ben Horne’s Grandson Richard Horne who is a fugitive involved in organize crime
Richard’s view that criminals serve a purpose in society
The transformation of Ben Horne and the recent return of Audrey Horne
Michael J. Anderson'(The Man From Another Place), his feud with David Lynch, and his political statements
The prediction that in the upcoming episodes there will be a showdown with Cooper’s Doppelgänger at Glastonbury Grove
How the recent episodes have become more involved with the town of Twin Peaks
The de-romanticism of the town of Twin Peaks in the New series
The music in the new series; Twin Peaks: The Return | Part 13 “Just You”
Whether David Lynch will leave the series open ended in his signature style
The influences of David Lynch in Richard’s films Pearls Before Swine and The Second Coming Vol I and II
Richard’s political views and thoughts on Trump; Australia’s immigration policies and healthcare system

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