Robert Stark interviews Musician Marcel P of the Band Miel Noir













Marcel P is a musician based in Germany and manages Miel NoirFahl and Dungeon Studio, Rhenania. Check out Miel Noir’s music on bandcamp.


Intro: Honey-Apocalypse
How Miel Noir started out as the solo-project of Dimo Dimov
Miel Noir’s latest album Honey Beat released by Caustic Records in December of 2016
The live performance of Honey Beat at a festival in the Netherlands
The genres of the tracks including Dark Electro/Darkwave, EBM, Neoclassical, Melodic Darkwave, and Gothic Rock
The vocals for Honey Beat
Marcel’s Dark Folk band Werra
The band Allerseelen
Musical inspiration from dark times in life
The theme of lost love
The imagery of the album and how the aesthetics relate to the music
Bees in Mythology
Miel Noir’s Song Anymore in a German Song Contest
Antifas harassing Neofolk concerts in Europe
Honey Beat’s anti SJW song Triggerwarning
The upcoming project “Dark Europa,” which is a compilation of collaborated tracks for the label Panicmachine

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