Robert Stark talks about the role of Slave Morality in Social Hierarchies












Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas discuss the origins of slave morality and secular slave morality’s role in society.


Nietzsche’s concept of slave vs. master morality
Nietzsche’s view of Christianity as a slave morality
Morality as a mechanism for the elites to control the masses
Modern society as slave morality without the positive attributes of Christianity
Influences of Christianity on secular moral codes
How a moralistic outlook can stand in the way of analyzing human nature
The Prosperity Gospel and the view that everyone deserves their state in society
Moral capital and the legitimacy of hierarchies
In group vs. Out group morality
Political correctness as a secular religion
The concept of bourgeois morality
Secular sexual mores
Rise in nihilism as a wrecking ball to slave morality
Whether slave morality is an inevitable facet of society

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