Robert Stark talks to Giovanni Dannato about the Mechanisms of Social Status












Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to Giovanni Dannato. Giovanni blogs at Colony of Commodus and is the author of A Kingdom For the Introvert. Follow Giovanni on Twitter.


The Mechanics of Status
How status enables reproduction with desirable mates and increases ones odds of survival in pre-modern societies
The utilitarian culture that views all problems from a statistical basis and therefore neglects social status
Social status as a driving force behind economic motives
How social status will become even more important in a post scarcity economic future
How manipulating the status system is more effective and far less energetically expensive than direct coercion
High School And Status in America
The silly myth that the quarterback ends up bagging groceries while the unpopular kids become Silicon Valley billionaires
How corporate culture mirrors high school
Attacking ones political opponents by disparaging their social status
How Trump to many symbolizes the crass high school bullies who scored with their first crushes
The Macro-Sexenomics of Female Beauty
The Social Cosmology
How people create their own status within sub-cultures
The Alt-Sphere Should Embrace Culture and Aesthetics

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