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Robert Stark interviews Sean Gabb













Sean Gabb is the director of the Libertarian Alliance in the UK

Topics include:

The objectives of the Libertarian Alliance
The divide between establishment libertarians and traditionalist leaning libertarians
How there were originally laws against the publication of pornography under the Obscene Publications Act but there were no laws about possession or the viewing of it on websites like porn 7 which is still completely legal.
How today the publication of pornography has become widespread but there are strict laws about possession such as the Extreme Pornography Act
How laws dealing with possession give enormous power to the police state
Hate speech laws in the UK
The case of Joshua Bonehill-Paine who planned an anti-Jewish rally and was sentenced to three years in prison
How the BNP membership was leaked and how many of it’s members who were government employees were sacked
Sean Gabb – Enoch Powell. The Man and His Politics
How the Labor Party imported a new electorate
How a balkanized country makes it more difficult to cooperate against the state
Whether only Europeans can create free societies
The Basic Income
The debate about whether wealth used to corrupt politics and generated by crony capitalism should be confiscated
Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost Lost England and How to Get It Back
Double Jeopardy laws in the UK and how they were dumped after the Murder of Stephen Lawrence
Police Brutality in the UK
The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher
His historical fiction written under the pen name Richard Blake and his most recent book Game of Empires
His interest in the Byzantine Empire which is the setting of many of his novels
How the Byzantine Empire was a much more free and humane society than the Roman Empire

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Robert Stark interviews Augustus Invictus



Robert Stark and co-host Charles Lincoln talk to Augustus Invictus.  Augustus Invictus is a libertarian candidate for US Senate in Florida. Augustus is an attorney and community leader in Orlando, Florida. Best known as a radical philosopher and infamous social critic, he is Managing Partner of Imperium, P.A., the law firm he founded in 2013.

Topics include:

The controversies and media coverage of his campaign
The resignation of the Libertarian Chairman of Florida in response to his campaign
Establishment Libertarians who worship corporations, embrace political correctness, and are rigid in their views
Ezra Pound
Augustus’s opposition to Usury
His stance on immigration
The environment and wilderness conservation
Police State abuses
Corporate influence in politics and Citizens United
His stance on trade
His stance on foreign policy
His Paganism and sect of Thelema
His affinity for Ancient Rome
A Call for Total Insurrection

Robert Stark interviews Carol Jean Sing

Justice Statue












Carol Jean Sing speaks to us on the eve of her sentencing in the United States District Court for the District of Utah. Dr. Sing, who holds a PhD from the University of Hawaii, is a 75 year old grandmother who stands charged with a single count of conspiracy to defraud the United States Government and the violation of Section 371. For this she is facing 5 to 10 years in Federal Prison with no prior criminal record or misconduct of any kind in her entire life.

Dr. Sing says she is speaking to warn the American people of the abuses of the IRS and the danger of totalitarianism by the United States Government and it’s so-called Department of Justice.

Dr. Sign is joined by former Montana State legislature and Blackfeet Indian advocate and Tribal civil rights activist Jerry O’Neill of Kallispell and Dr. Charles Edward Lincoln , III of New Orleans, who holds degrees from Tulane, Harvard, and the University of Chicago.


Update: Carol Jean Sing was sentenced to 3 years in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 3 years probation.


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Robert Stark interviews Emril Krestle about Black House Rocked
















Black HouseRocked: A Split Single from the Bowels of Hell  is written by Paul Bingham and Emril Krestle, and published by Ann Sterzinger’s HOPELESS BOOKS.  Expect horror both supernatural and psychological, plus a vivid touch of Burroughs-type surrealism. A book by vampires, about vampires. Emril Krestle is also the author of Pan is Dad, a collection of Poetry.

“When society kills somebody, they won’t necessarily die for years.”

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Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney about Tag the Sponsor












Topics include:

Matt’s article Tag The Sponsor Exposes The Depravity Of Modern Women about Instagram models who whore themselves out to Arab oil Sheiks in Dubai
The Depravity of Dubai and other Oil Rich Arab Gulf States
Do these women become irreparably damaged??
How Societies Sexual mores have declined
Matt’s article on Cassandra Lynn’s Death Shows Why You Should Never Wife Up Broken Girls
Matt’s review of Jared Taylor’s FACE TO FACE WITH RACE
Matt’s article The Triumph of Hope Over Experience about Mayor Bill De Blasio and New York City
How New York City’s Gentrification killed it’s created energy and how it’s symbolic of today’s decline in creativity


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Robert Stark interviews Daiva Sanda












Robert Stark talks to Daiva Sanda about her ongoing nightmare. Daiva is originally from Lithuania and resides in Chicago. You can contact her at


Topics Include:

Daiva’s experience living in Lithuania and her view that Lithuanian culture in much more altruistic than America’s

How she views Americans in general as distant and not willing to help those who are down on their luck

Her experience with the Family Court System

How her assets were stolen by her landlord

How she was arrested for trespassing in her own apartment

How her sucessful import business was destroyed

How the Chicago Police Department are one of the most corrupt in the Nation

How the Police offer little help for victims

Racism among the Chicago Police Department and Court Staff

How she was rejected when seeking help from private charities

How the audience can help her


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