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Robert Stark Interviews Keith Preston









Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston of Attack the System about the decline of liberalism as an oppositional force in America and its transformation into merely a branch of the plutocratic establishment, and his podcast “First They Came for the Fascists…”: Reflections on White Nationalism






Robert Stark Interviews William van Nostrand

William van Nostrand is the Editor-in-Chief of, a site offering commentary and analysis of current events from a Traditionalist perspective.

Topics discussed:

  • Purpose of
  • Traditionalism vs. conservatism
  • Southern agrarianism and self-sufficiency
  • The consequences of losing the landed aristocractic class in favor of a rootless, capital-accumulating class
  • Chivalry and the role of men
  • Playing the “victim game” as a losing strategy
  • Conservativism as a losing strategy
  • Left-wing hypocrisies
  • Sincere grassroots activism vs. trendy liberals
  • Local culture and regionalism vs. globalist pop culture
  • European anti-Muslim leaders and movements, the failure of many to defend European identity, and their pro-Israeli stance
  • The prospect of an alliance between Traditionalists and Muslims
  • Why we need to target the system that promotes non-white immigration instead of targeting the immigrants themselves
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Decadence, social mores, and the pros and cons of censorship
  • Environmental preservation vs. civilization


Robert Stark Interviews Siryako Akda

Siryako Akda is a Filipino graduate of Political Science and a contributor to Alternative Right. He is an avid observer of international politics, and has a keen interest in right-wing metapolitics.

Topics discussed:

  • The New Right as an alternative to Left-wing anti-globalism
  • What does the New Right have to offer the non-white world?
  • The material benefits of colonialism to the Third World vis-à-vis its harm to traditional culture and religion
  • The narrative of the Left with regard to colonialism
  • Why no non-white culture has return to its traditions since the end of colonialism
  • What do we replace modernity with?
  • Alain de Benoist’s The Problem of Democracy
  • Individualist liberal values vs. collectivist democratic values

Robert Stark Interviews Former Congressman Pete McCloskey












“Pete” McCloskey, Jr. (born September 29, 1927) served as a congressman from the San Francisco Bay Area from 1967 to 1983.

He ran on an anti-war platform for the Republican nomination for President in 1972 but was defeated by incumbent President Richard Nixon. In April 2007, McCloskey switched his affiliation to the Democratic Party.

McCloskey is a decorated United States Marine Corps veteran of combat during the Korean War, being awarded the Navy Cross, the Silver Star, and the Purple Heart (twice).

Topics include:

  • His role in the Nixon impeachment
  • Pat Robertson
  • His role in creating Earth Day
  • His role in environmental legislation
  • The Israel Lobby
  • His lawsuit against the ADL
  • The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty