Robert Stark Interviews William van Nostrand

William van Nostrand is the Editor-in-Chief of, a site offering commentary and analysis of current events from a Traditionalist perspective.

Topics discussed:

  • Purpose of
  • Traditionalism vs. conservatism
  • Southern agrarianism and self-sufficiency
  • The consequences of losing the landed aristocractic class in favor of a rootless, capital-accumulating class
  • Chivalry and the role of men
  • Playing the “victim game” as a losing strategy
  • Conservativism as a losing strategy
  • Left-wing hypocrisies
  • Sincere grassroots activism vs. trendy liberals
  • Local culture and regionalism vs. globalist pop culture
  • European anti-Muslim leaders and movements, the failure of many to defend European identity, and their pro-Israeli stance
  • The prospect of an alliance between Traditionalists and Muslims
  • Why we need to target the system that promotes non-white immigration instead of targeting the immigrants themselves
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Decadence, social mores, and the pros and cons of censorship
  • Environmental preservation vs. civilization