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Robert Stark talks to Richard Wolstencroft about MUFF 20 & Elite Replacement Theory















Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk with director Richard Wolstencroft about the upcoming 20th Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Muff  20), current events, and his essay Elite Replacement Theory: Toward A Benevolent Nationalist International.

Based on the 250 word essay written by Matthew Pegas a good decision was made for involved students.
Recap of last year’s festival: Robert and Matthew’s Supply, Steve Bannon’s “Trump @ War”, and Lauren Southern’s Farmlands
Dealing with cancel culture
How past controversies have simmered down and in fact led to a mass increase in film entries
Keeping the theme lite on politics to celebrate the achievements of the festival
Horror films The Faceless Man and No Such Thing As Monsters
Terry McMahon’s documentary The Prizefighter
Richard’s upcoming film The Debt Collector
Richard gives his spiel for Trump and also mentions his affinity for Bernie Sanders
The artists wage, Yang’s UBI, and need for a mild version of socialism
The ongoing struggle between globalism and national sovereignty
Elite Replacement Theory: anti-elite elitism

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The Alt-Center, Starkianism and the Demystification of Social Capital










Originally Published by Shane Eide on Emerging Hermit

There’s something to be said for those in whom the sign of the times less offers an omen and more flashes across their periphery like a neon sign at an amusement park.

In 2019, the assumed excesses of prefixing an ‘Alt’ to any political fringe is virtually guaranteed to incite misunderstanding, scrutiny and suspicion. In that sense, the Alt-Center is a shameless affair. However, it isn’t shameless merely because of its ideas – which are eclectic – but rather, because of its ultimately strategic knowledge of where it sits within the dissident sphere.

The impending antiquation of older ways of thinking about politics is not for them an indication that some inevitable new path will soon announce itself, for which they will conveniently be the vanguard. Rather, this antiquation is for them an occasion to consider the possibility of creating something wholly new whose expression may unfold in ways as varied as one could imagine.

Journalist, artist, novelist and host of Stark Truth Radio, Robert Stark, has built something of a salon for Alt-Center ideas on his show, where, as of late, one may hear talk of Starkianism – existing in its own corner of Alt-Centrism. Roughly put, Alt-Centrism is where ideas of the dissident right and dissident left meet, and is itself comprised of concepts such as Aesthetic Socialism, Aristocratic Radicalism and Alt-Urbanism.

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Robert Stark and Richard Wolstencroft talk about Current Events & Recap Muff














Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas recap the 19th Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Muff 19) with director Richard Wolstencroft.


California Fires
Robert and Matthew get their Supply: Best Guerilla Film Award
Former winner of the award James Wan who directed horror film SawThe Conjuring, and Aquaman
Reception of Supply and the personas of Robert Stark and Luke Ford
Theme of diversity of opinion and Left Wing Filmmakers Bruce LaBruce and Terry McMahon
Steve Bannon’s “Trump @ War” and his work with populist movements in Europe
Lauren Southern’s Farmlands
Peter Dutton looks to help persecuted White South African farmers
Recent Melbourne terror attack
GOP’s failure in the mid terms due to embracing a plutocratic rather than populist agenda
Benefits of free healthcare and taxing ultra elite globalists
Smart Socialism which distributes wealth to the most productive and empowers artists and innovators
Jair Bolsonaro’s election in Brazil and how to fix nations with extreme inequality
Bolsonaro’s stance against protecting the rainforest and why the right must embrace environmentalism

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Robert Stark talks to Richard Wolstencroft about Muff 19 & the debut of Supply
















Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk to director Richard Wolstencroft about the upcoming 19th Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Muff 19).


Richard’s founding of MUFF in 2000
The opening film Mark Savage’s Purgatory Road
The discovery of Saw creator James Wan and Wolf Creek creator Greg McLean
The importance of exposure for underground filmmakers
Past guests including Alex Proyas, Jim Van Bebber and Bret Easton Ellis
The debut of Robert and Matthew’s film (((Supply))) about Luke Ford
Steve Bannon’s “Trump @ War” and Lauren Southern’s Farmlands
LGBT filmmaker Bruce LaBruce’s Ulrike’s Brain
The MUFF censorship controversy and David Cole’s article Gays Against MUFF
The festival’s theme of radical free speech
Richard’s contrarian nature and opposition to elite forced consensus
Importance of political diversity and the ideas of the New Right, Old Left, Alt Center, and Social Libertarianism
Boyd Rice, Adam Parfrey, and Apocalypse Culture

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This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s PaintingsStark Truth TV, and his novel Journey to Vapor Island

Robert Stark & Matthew Pegas discuss their New Documentary (((Supply)))












Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas discuss their new documentary (((Supply))). When Podcaster Robert Stark’s dreams of greatness don’t seem to be coming true in Santa Barbara, he heads down to LA to meet the one moral leader who has all the answers: Luke Ford. Produced by Stark Truth TV.


The mocumentary theme and side story of Robert Stark’s quest for supply
The interviews with Luke Ford which focus primarily on psychological themes
Using creative output, politics, and online personas to achieve narcissistic supply
Narcissistic supply filling a void that is missing from healthy social bonds
Social status as a core human need
The feeling that you have unjustly been denied status and whether it is based in reality or a coping mechanism
Architecture in Beverly Hills and the contrast between aristocratic aesthetics and the faux liberal capitalist elites
How social status relates to politics
Maladaptive daydreaming and how it can be both destructive and a source for creative inspiration
An Afternoon With Robert Stark in Santa Barbara
Erotic energy as a force for creative pursuits and the importance of sex to both status and forming bonds
Luke’s play Eroticized Rage
The cinematographic and production process
Stark Truth TV as an offshoot of Apocalypse Culture exploring areas of “forbidden knowledge”

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This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s PaintingsStark Truth TV, and his novel Journey to Vapor Island