Robert Stark talks to Richard Wolstencroft about Muff 19 & the debut of Supply
















Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk to director Richard Wolstencroft about the upcoming 19th Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Muff 19).


Richard’s founding of MUFF in 2000
The opening film Mark Savage’s Purgatory Road
The discovery of Saw creator James Wan and Wolf Creek creator Greg McLean
The importance of exposure for underground filmmakers
Past guests including Alex Proyas, Jim Van Bebber and Bret Easton Ellis
The debut of Robert and Matthew’s film (((Supply))) about Luke Ford
Steve Bannon’s “Trump @ War” and Lauren Southern’s Farmlands
LGBT filmmaker Bruce LaBruce’s Ulrike’s Brain
The MUFF censorship controversy and David Cole’s article Gays Against MUFF
The festival’s theme of radical free speech
Richard’s contrarian nature and opposition to elite forced consensus
Importance of political diversity and the ideas of the New Right, Old Left, Alt Center, and Social Libertarianism
Boyd Rice, Adam Parfrey, and Apocalypse Culture

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