Vaporfornia by Robert Stark: Reviews, Promos, & Podcasts

Vaporfornia is available for purchase on Lulu publishing.

Matt Pegas’ book review: Vaporfornia
Esoteric Brezhnevism: Commoditizing the Starkian
Pilleater: Max von Mueller meets Lilly Nguyen
a review of Robert Stark’s “Vaporfornia”

Addendum to Vaporfornia
Fictional Presidential Debate in Vaporfornia
Roger Blackstone’s Fictional Campaign Promo in Vaporfornia
Vaporfornia: Three Campaign Promos about the Future of the American Dream

Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 409
Robert Stark on His New Novel Vaporfornia

New Write with Matt Pegas & Dan Baltic: Vaporfornication w/ Robert Stark

Journey to Vapor Island by Robert Stark: Reviews & Podcasts

Journey to Vapor Island by Robert Stark is available on Lulu.


Brandon Adamson reviews Journey to Vapor Island
Magical Miserablism: Robert Stark’s Myths of the Near Future by James O’Meara
Ben Arzate reviews Journey to Vapor Island
‘A Vaporwave Literary Genre? from the mind of Robert Stark” BY “Count Fosco”
Roger Blackstone: The Politics of Aesthetics by Ashley Messinger
Reading Robert Stark’s Novel Gave Me Aids by Rainer Chlodwig von K.
Giovanni Dannato Reviews Journey to Vapor Island


Robert Stark talks about his new novel Journey to Vapor Island
Self Checkout – Review of “Journey to Vapor Island” by Brandon Adamson
Al Stankard aka HAarlem VEnison talks to Robert Stark about Journey to Vapor Island
Robert Stark talks to Ashley Messinger about Roger Blackstone & The Politics of AESTHETICS
Quiet Place Ep 39: Vapor Island Tourist Trap w/ Robert 

Karlsruhe Germany Photo Album

Photo album of Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Photos taken on trip to Europe in May of  2018 (Part I: Robert Stark talks about his Trip to EuropePart II: Robert Stark talks about his Trip to Europe). Album includes photos of Karlsruhe City Center, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, Hotel Burghof, Karlsruhe Schloss (Palace),  Schlossgarten, and forest on the outskirts of the City.

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Robert Stark’s Articles & Vanity Features

Failure of California Democrat’s Economic Agenda creates an opening for the Radical Center
Is California Overpopulated? (Santa Barbara edition)
Elon Musk’s offer of Freedom through benevolent Oligarchy
Where is Gonzalo Lira? (American Journalist missing in Ukraine)
Can Michael Shellenberger’s Centrism Save California?
Why not Reparations for White Californians too?
LA’s Brentwood School: Ground-Zero for Elite Ethno-Masochism
Could the Ukraine Conflict cause a realignment on Immigration ?
Is this the end of “The End of History” ?
The Intra-NIMBY Politics of the Proposed Santa Monica-Malibu School Split
YIMBY’s Plan to integrate the East Bay’s White Enclave
The Radical Center’s Psychosocial approach to Race Relations
2020 Census: In-Depth Analysis of LA’s Demographic Trends
The prospects for a viable Non-Leftist California Nationalism
Down and Celibate in Beverly Hills (NIMBY Edition)
Left-NIMBYs Mogged by the YIMBY to Alt-Right Pipeline
Matt Yglesias endorses The Great Class Swap
Rightwing Multiculturalism Explained
NIMBY Victory in Santa Barbara’s Mayoral Race
Xenophobia is Woke now?
Are YIMBYism and Enclavism Compatible?
Are NIMBYs and YIMBYs Two Sides of the Same Coin?
Woke Culture as a Minimalist Mall Renovation for America
New California Nationalist Unity Platform
Santa Barbara Mayoral Race puts the Spotlight on longtime NIMBY stronghold
Why the new “Populist” GOP is the worst of both worlds
2020 Census: Speculating The Bay Area’s Demographic Future
NIMBYs: The Real Culprit in California’s “Great Replacement”
Alt-Center Lexicon
Thoughts on Afghan Refugee Resettlement, YIMBYism, and Enclavism
Radical Centrist Guide to the California Gubernatorial Recall
A Proposal for a New Alt-Center: Philosophy & Policy
The Alt-Center Revisited
Cape Independence and shared California values
California NIMBY Cities must pursue Enclave Status or embrace the inevitable YIMBY Future
Amidst Global Crises, US should honor its commitment to Diversity
A Post-American 4th of July in the Bay Area
Endorsement of Louis Marinelli for California Governor
Proposal to reform Property Taxation in California
The Politics of Housing and Property Taxation in California
Calexit and the California Recall
California’s Future of Pan-Enclavism
New Pluralist Vision for California
UBI for California
Hypothetical Political Realignments under Calexit
The Great Class Swap
An Alternative Vision for California

Joakim Andersen: Robert Stark and the Radical Center (in Swedish)
GiantArt Productions: The Fauvist Vaporwave Interiors of Robert Stark
Shane Eide: The Alt-Center, Starkianism and the Demystification of Social Capital

Unz Review:
The Denmark Plan Versus Right-Wing Multi-Culturalism
Pod-Living vs. the White Picket Fence: A False Dichotomy
You Can’t Take Back America But You Can Join the Tribe
Who Breeds in California
Exploring California’s Political Demographics Based On In-Depth 2020 Election Analysis
White Millennials: America’s Sacrificial Lamb
The Real Wealth Gap: The intergenerational wealth gap, the housing crisis, and how “BLM vs. MAGA” poisons the discussion on every issue

Stark Truth:
Alt-Urbanism: Building a Based Urban Middle Class SWPL Utopia
Alt Urbanism: Retrofitting The Aesthetically Pleasing Suburb
Scarcity of Positional Goods is the basis for Aesthetic Socialism
Aristocratic Aesthetic Socialism

Taki’s Magazine:
Andrew Yang and the Post-Nationalist Future

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Robert Stark talks to Brandon Adamson about his Mid-Century Modern inspired NFTs

Robert Stark talks to Brandon Adamson about his Mid-Century Modern inspired NFTs (Mid-Century Modern Inspired NFT Collection “Mod Commodities” Launches Exclusively on Proton ($XPR)). Brandon Adamson is a Phoenix-based artist and poet, and the former co-host of the Stark Truth (2015-2017). Check out Brandon’s NFT collection, “Mod Commodities,” at ArtworkDealer, his culture blog Rabbit’s Foot, and follow him on Twitter.


Brandon’s initial interest in penny stocks and bitcoin, and the crypto boom and bust cycles
Brandon’s artistic background, interest in mid-century modern to 70s aesthetics, modern art, and malls
Why Brandon shifted from painting to creating NFTs
The process of creating and minting NFTs
Why Brandon uses the blockchain, Proton
Virtual real estate in the metaverse and Decentraland
Brandon’s response to skeptics and his advice to focus on the project and not fret about the booms and busts
Brandon’s bullishness on long-term economic opportunities for artists to be at the forefront with VR
The importance of having a theme and why Brandon thinks Robert should create NFTs for his art and book, Vaporfornia
Political burnout and the rise in alternative cultural scenes

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San Diego Backcountry Photo Album

Album of Eastern San Diego County, includes Borrego Springs, The Slot in Anza Borrego Desert State Park, Julian townsite, Lake Henshaw, Pauma Valley, and Palomar Mountain.

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Robert Stark and Matt Pegas try to start a New Religion

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas  tease the notion of a speculative new spiritual movement. This is a simulcast with Matt’s literary podcast, New Write, and a field-recording, conversation on cults, the new age movement, Matt’s Substack article “The Renaissance of the Ritual“, Robert’s novel “Vaporfornia“, California as fertile soil for new religions, occultism, and much more. Recorded on May 1st, 2022, on a trip through the backcountry of San Diego County, near Palomar Mountain, where Crowlian occultist, Wilfred Talbot Smith, erected an Ordo Templi Orientis temple.


Background on the “new religion,” started as a half joke in Yosemite
A self-initiatory religion, comparable to Discordianism
Social reasons for the rise in cults
California ‘s spiritual movements: Mike Marinacci’s book California Jesus, Order of Atwa, and the Partridge Family Temple
Syncretic occultism and the esotericism/New Age to fascist pipeline
The right hand vs. left hand path and Jungian shadow work
The occultist ritual, finding structure in chaos, and a metaphysical/esoteric take on self-improvement
Knowing when to surrender and embrace the photosynthesis of the Universe/Light of God
The relationship between spirituality and biology (speculating where atheism and various theologies fit on the Bell Curve meme)
An anti-liberal and anti-blank slatist case for Theosophy
Robert’s article on a psychological inspired approach to solving political and social problems
Aesthetic alchemy (Sigils), and the spiritual, ethereal component to  aesthetics
Bronze Age Pervert as a foundationalist (not a traditionalist), and Mike Ma as an instinctive Christian
Jason Jorjani’s Prometheism 
Why spirituality and reclaiming vitality needs to come before politics

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Robert Stark chats with Default Friend

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas talk to Default Friend about online subcultures, incels, and generational trends. Default Friend, Katherine Deee, is a writer, cultural commentator, cultural anthropologist, internet historian, and digital native. Check out Default Friend’s Substack, Default Wisdom, her writings for the Claremont Institute’s American Mind, and follow her on Twitter.

Thoughts on various political-spheres including the intellectual dark web
The politicization of sex and relationships
On being a proto-Femcel
The impacts of dating apps and income inequality on the “sexual market place”
New York Times article, A Manifesto Against Sex Positivity, reviewing Default Friend’s writings on the backlash against hookup culture
The rise in conservative feminism and woke puritanism
Generational differences between Millennials and Zoomers, and cultural shifts from the 00s-to the 2010s, and 2020s
The trend in the end of mass youth subcultures and the rise in fusionism of “hybrid collages” and nostalgia based upon past generations’ nostalgia
The internet as the astral plane
Prediction of a tech backlash in the 2020s
Justin Murphy’s and Alex Kaschuta’s neo-traditionalism

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Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston about the Ukraine War

Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston about the geopolitics of the war in Ukraine. Keith Preston is a historian, social scientist, political analyst, author, lecturer, trends researcher, and the editor of Attack the System. Follow Keith on Twitter.


The Geopolitical background of the conflict, the unprovoked narrative, and NATO expansion
How sanctions often fail at their intention of brining about regime change
How the conflict is accelerating geopolitical realignments and the bifurcation between the West and a Eurasian block
The motives and military strategy of the Ukrainian government
Whether the Russian invasion of Ukraine would have been less likely to have happened under Trump
Neo-McCarthyism, Russo-phobia, and the crackdown on civil liberties
The rise in a convoluted hybrid of American nationalism and woke culture
Worst case scenarios of the war escalating into direct conflict between Russia and the US and NATO
The fragmentation and polarization of American society, enclavism and Bill Bishop’s Big Sort
Supply chain issues and the potential for a global economic crisis

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Robert Stark talks to Edward Dutton about the Coming Apart of Civilization

Dr. Edward Dutton is an English Anthropologist based in Finland and is the host of the Jolly Heretic on YouTube, and BitChute. You can follow Dutton on Twitter and check out his books on Amazon. His latest books are Sent Before Their Time: Genius, Charisma, and Being Born Prematurely and Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West.


The historical context of the Witch Trials as an era of harsh Darwinian selection
The impact of Malthusian selection pressures on fertility trends
Why populists or dissidents seizing power would not impede the incoming civilizational collapse
The evolutionary psychological motives behind woke culture, and why wokeness will wane out in the long run
Why techno-dystopian scenarios of the elite using technology to enslave the masses will not happen
How the rise in conspiracy theories are a sign of the winter of civilization
Why enclaves will be the Neo-Byzantiums of the future
The housing crisis and why NIMBYism is dysgenic
The social and psychological reasons to why terrorism will become much worse in the future
The scientific measurement of cycles of crisis, including the work of Peter Turchin and Jani Miettinen’s research on GENERATIONAL HORMONE CYCLES
The high probability of World War III and a global economic catastrophe this decade

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Robert Stark discusses his novel Vaporfornia

Robert Stark is joined with Matt Pegas and Dan Baltic to discuss his new novel, Vaporfornia. Vaporfornia is a surreal dark comedy, a coming of age story set in California, and is the sequel to Robert’s first novel, Journey to Vapor Island. This show is a simulcast with Matt and Dan’s dissident, counter-culture, literary podcast, New WriteVaporfornia is available for purchase on Lulu publishing. Also check out Matt’s review of Vaporfornia.


Contrasting Vaporfornia with Journey to Vapor Island, and how both novels capture the zeitgeists of their respective eras
The niche genre of the satirical moving adventure story
Literary comparisons to a Confederacy of Dunces, William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch, Lucky Jim, Voltaire’s Candide, and Gulliver’s Travels
The situational humor and dramatic irony
Vaporfornia as a satire of the themes in Robert’s Substack that delve into California’s social, political, class, and demographic dynamics
Vaporfornia as a travelogue for California
Allegories and symbolism in the book
Saudade, a longing for what could have been or nostalgia for lost futures
Gio Pennacchietti’s video about how Robert’s literary fiction and visual art complement each other
The protagonist’s personal and political journey
The politics of the “Chad Centrist” presidential candidate Roger Blackstone
Whether Robert Stark will run for California Governor or have a Vaporfornia tour some day

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