Robert Stark & Brandon Adamson discuss the 2020 Election (Post Super Tuesday)










Robert Stark and Brandon Adamson discuss last week’s Super Tuesday Election Results.


The stupidity of the average voter and dumbing down of political discourse
Bernie’s inter-sectional direction and other factors contributing to his losses
Brandon’s skepticism of the authenticity of the racist posts from Bernie Bros
Biden’s selective socialist coalition’s rejection of Bernie
Dissidents projecting their own views onto certain candidates
Prediction that the establishment would co-opt a Bernie presidency as it did with Trump
The main problem with Trump is the political opportunities he squandered
Former Goldman Sachs CEO: ‘I might find it harder to vote for Bernie than for Trump’
The chance of Biden stepping down from office due to deteriorating mental health
Super-delegate scenarios at the Democratic convention
Tom Woods: No matter whom you vote for, you always wind up getting John McCain
The polarization under Trump and why Bloomberg would have united the dissident left and right
Why Brandon will never shill for a candidate again
Comparison of the current election with the debate between Eugene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy

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