Robert Stark interviews Brandon Adamson about The Rats of Nationalism














Robert Stark talks to Brandon Adamson of about his new book The Rats of Nationalism. It’s available on Amazon.


The board game Candy Land and how it relates to political dissidents
How Brandon has never been into conspiracy theories but became interested in this topic after first hand experience on social media
How most people’s conception of fed infiltrator is mistaken and incomplete
How the proliferation of certain memes, political figures and ideas is not entirely organic
Pinksheet Yang; de-radicalizing dissident rightest, giving them a path back into respectable society
Easily programmable people
How psyop motivations are often counter-intuitive(example of modern art)
The various film references in the book including The Secret of NIMH, which served as an inspiration for this book
The problems with anonymity
Why Brandon was never interested in activism
The symbolism of the color blue
The importance of being sincere and real

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