Robert Stark interviews Alt-Centrist Jonathan Edwards











Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk to Jonathan Edwards about the Alt-Center phenomenon and Andrew Yang. Check out Jonathan on Twitter.


Background as a Democrat, Bernie Sanders/Jill Stein supporter, and parting ways with the Left due to the focus on identity politics and censorship
Angela Nagle’s book Kill All Normies
Interest in dissident centrism, which has unfortunately not taken off due to polarization
The need for the Alt-Center to become a sustained cultural and intellectual movement
Left Wing solutions to reactionary grievances
The decline in the dissident right’s enthusiasm over Andrew Yang
Yang’s out of the box stances, and his missed opportunity to be the dissident center candidate rather than a standard liberal democrat with a UBI
Why a UBI and automation may remove the incentive and justification for mass immigration
Deepfake technology
Observations as a California native on the State’s income inequality and lack of social cohesion
The Idea of Homonationalism as an alternative to left wing LGBT identity politics
The need for society to support both outsider artist and normative family values
How Woke Capital uses identity politics to distract from economic injustices
Robert’s novel Journey to Vapor Island
The need for grand aesthetic visions in politics
The need to invest in the arts and culture
Importance of environmentalism

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