Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Karlin about Andrew Yang and The War on Normal People















Robert Stark and Brandon Adamson talk to Unz Review blogger Anatoly Karlin about his book review of Andrew Yang’s the War on Normal People.


Anatoly’s articles Yang Hasn’t Gone Anywhere, 7 Reasons Why #YangGang Is More Than Just A Meme and What Does Everyone Think About Andrew Yang?
The young educated demographic of support, THE GREY TRIBE, and faction from the dissident right
Yang’s chances of winning
Yang over Trump but Trump over Harris or Biden
Tucker Carlson agreeing with leftist on Venezuela Intervention
Why Yang’s UBI and VAT proposal are relatively Centrist
Iran’s UBI experiment
Peter Turchin and theory of elite over production leading to social instability
Asian American Identity and positive mentions of China
Charles Murray’s COMING APART and Bubble Quiz
The potential impact of the UBI and automation on immigration and demographic trends
How America’s failure to adjust to new realities is leading to social tension

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