Robert Stark talks about Incel Sex Therapy with Dr. Susan Block











Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas discuss their documentary Incel Sex Therapy with Dr. Susan Block (Cunilingquality).


Susan Block’s background in media and work as a sex therapist
Susan Block’s article Incel Therapy, Bonobo-Style
The Bonobo Way
Support for legalization and subsidization of prostitution
The incel phenomenon and online subculture
Sexual frustration as a cause for conflict throughout history
Factors including social isolation
The anti intellectual faux moral outrage from the mainstream media
Double standards about masculinity and gender roles
Begging for Sex: Gender Equality from the Other Side 
Whether sexual libertinism can exist in small cohesive communities
The experience at Susan Block’s Bonoboville
The concept of Cunnilingquality(between incels and high status women)

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