Robert Stark talks to Kevin Lynn about his Ad Campaign against H-1B Visas on SF’s BART









Kevin Lynn is Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform which is sponsoring adds against the H-1B Visa Program on the Bay Area’s BART System.


Bay Area Campaign Targets H-1B Visas, Asks Congress to Fix on Americans’ Behalf
The campaign’s message, “Your companies think you are expensive, undeserving & expendable. Congress, fix H-1B law so companies must seek & hire U.S. workers!”
Bay Area media responses including the San Jose Mercury News which first reported on the campaign
The overall reaction from tech workers was positive but with hesitations due to fear of backlash
The goal of the campaign is to to foster a movement to unite tech workers politically against exploitation
How for every two students who graduate with STEM degrees, only one is hired into a STEM job
How Foreign workers account for about 70 percent of the tech workforce in the Bay Area
H-1B Visas as Indentured Servitude
The myth of innovation from H-1B workers
Fearing H-1B Tightening, Tech Giants Ramp Up Lobbying
How Trump has accomplished very little on immigration
The impact of immigration on the environment and carbon footprints

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