Robert Stark talks to Pilleater about Almond Eyes Baby Face
















Robert Stark talks to Pilleater about his new book Almond Eyes, Baby Face(available on Lulu) which is series of short stories. Pilleater blogs at Asian Aryanism and the Mineo Maya Fanclub


The autobiographical nature of the first story
The theme of dealing with trauma from High school and College and struggling to fulfill the Psychosocial narrative
Nana’s Song inspired by Natalie Portman in Leon the Professional
The transcript of Pilleater’s Omegle chat where he pretended to be an Asian Girl
How Pilleater sees the book as his version of Yukio Mishima’s Confessions of a Mask
Pilleater’s essay he submitted to Radix “Why I’m an Identitarian”
Pilleater’s advocacy of Asian Aryanism
Pilleater’s Asian Aryanism in contrast with Asian colonization of the west and the growing rootless identity among Eurasians
The criticisms of Pilleater’s work from both the Alt-Right and SJW Left
The books cut up of the Right Stuff’s article 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date Asian Girls
The WMAFL phenomenon
Pilleater poem Easy Tiger dedicated to Porn Star Harriet Sugar Cookie
A hypothetical Asian Aryan ethnostate; it’s culture, politics, and aesthetics
Creating new Avant Garde sub-cultures
The Vaporwave science fiction story in the book
The cover art by Thai artist Piemboons inspired by Trevor Brown
The erotic science fiction story the “Rape of M’Khal” which was added to the new edition of Trip by Pilleater

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