A talk with Cosmic Encounter Game Designers Peter Olokta, Greg Olokta, & Bill Elirbie










Robert Stark and Pilleater talk to Peter Olotka, Greg Olokta, and Bill Elirbie. They designed the game Cosmic Encounter. Their newest game is Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne.


-The history and origins of Cosmic Encounter, Nauset Beach, Science-Fiction, “The List.”
-Diversity in Cosmic Encounter, the game existing before Dungeons & Dragons,
-How the game breaks rules and      pushes imaginary limits
-Star Trek, The Parker Brothers prototype in 1976, Non-prediction gameplay,
-the extended number of aliens in Cosmic Encounter
-The first edition of Cosmic, the artists behind the game, Harlan Ellison, Dean Morrissey,
-The situational theory in Cosmic
-Cosmic Encounter Online, Dune the Board Game, Issac Asimov,
-The art in Cosmic Encounter, Felicia Cano
-Cosmic Dominion
-Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne
-Prototyping and technology
-Balance and Unbalance within games
-Cosmic Encounter as both a toolbox for game designers and for telling story narratives
-Isaac Asimov’s Robots VCR Mystery Game
-Hippy culture, Cosmic Encounter as an avant-garde art piece
-Different editions of Cosmic Encounter
-Board game culture, the new fad of “gamer” culture
-The problem of video games, violence in video games
-The game design differences between Iron Throne and Cosmic
-The Star Wars story and Parker Brothers

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