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Robert Stark and Alex von Goldstein talk to Pilleater. Pilleater is a college student, internet artist, musician, and blogs at Mineo Maya Fanclub. You can find his music at pizzadogstudiospso119, and kingtrode.

Topics include:

Pilleater’s moniker Pilleater which is a reference to Dr. Mario and the film Akira, but can also be used to describe the pill memes
Pilleater’s interest in the social media site YTMND, and how he created the meme OH YEAH I’M MR KRABS
The the golden age of trolling and his trolling antics
Pilleater was a longtime fan of the Stark Truth show since he was in High school, and his point that it has become the “Alt Left Show”
Why Pilleater identifies with the Alt-Left, his three main principles are friends, family, and freedom, but rejects egalitarianism, and the new left
Pilleater’s essay The need for a revolution against nepotism, where he proposes an Alt-Left
Stuff White People Like
The book Evasion by CrimethInc
Pilleater’s Radix essay submission, which is a strange alter-ego story, and how the character represents all taboos
Peter Sotos
Pilleater’s concept of Asian Aryanism, and his interest in Asian culture and Asian girls
Pilleater’s point that Asian-Ayranism is radical because the WN’s, White Feminist, and the hapa Reddit scene hate it, and would be considered an Alt-Left position
Yukio Mishima

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