Robert Stark Interviews James J. O’Meara











Robert Stark interviews James J. O’Meara about his new Counter-Currents title The Homo and the Negro: Masculinist Meditations on Politics and Popular Culture. Topics discussed include:

How the book came about
The title and title essay
The sense in which O’Meara is a Traditionalist
The concept of Gonzo Traditionalism
Different contemporary models of homosexuality
O’Meara’s critique of the modern “gay” identity
O’Meara’s critique of “gay marriage”
How traditional societies harmonized same-sex attractions with “family values”
How homosexuals in traditional societies have been culture creators and conservers, as opposed to modern “gays” and their role in culture distortion and destruction
The role of all-male groups in the creation of civilization
How Right-wing, Judeo-Christian homophobia causes the breakdown of all-male groups
Why culture, creativity, manners, intelligence, and education today are now disdained as “gay”
Why uncultured oafs — rednecks, black thugs, etc. — are treated as authentically masculine archetypes
How homophobia makes the modern Right stupid, dull, and grungy
William F. Buckley
American architect Ralph Adams Cram
Noël Coward
Oscar Wilde
Homosexuality in traditional Muslim and Hindu societies
Alain Daniélou
O’Meara’s essay “The Gilmore Girls Occupy Wall Street”
Homosexuality and National Socialism
They Live
White popular music and O’Meara’s defense of Aryan New Age music

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