Robert Stark interviews Giovanni Dannato













Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Golstein talk to Giovanni Dannato. He blogs at Colony of Commodus and is the author of A Kingdom For the Introvert.

Topics include:

Why he describes himself as a Neo-Progressive
How he shares many views with those who call themselves Neo-Reactionaries, but  does not consider himself one of them
Caste systems in modern societies
A Fair and Just Caste System
Sorting Out the Castes: Easy Disqualifiers
The problem Marxism and Capitalism have in common.
The importance of controlling who controls wealth
Market Demand Must Be Regulated
What Money Rewards, We Get More Of
The Middle Class: Caught In Between
The Deep divides in American culture
How Trump and Sanders Are Part of the Same Political Movement
How dissident and populist movements are no longer prole movements, and are attracting many dissafected SWPL’s
The Need For Grandeur
The effects of aesthetic uniformity on the human spirit in architecture and urban planning
Overpopulation Altruism Is Misguided

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