Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston about Trump & Sanders



Topics include:

How Keith is a non voter but is interested in the election as a political scientist, historian, and sociologist
How this election is the first where two major candidates are political independents
Bernie Sanders’s Democratic Socialism and Donald Trump’s National Populism
How Trump does not fit into the traditional GOP coalition of business interest, evangelicals, and foreign policy hawks
Trump as a Radical Centrist
How the key differences between Trump and Sanders supporters are cultural but are both responding to the economic decimation of the middle class
The divide between Sanders supporters who care about economic issues and Clinton’s about identity politics
How we now have the widest class divide in modern history
Could Trump Provoke a Political Realignment?

How the establishment views both Trump and Sanders as a significant threats
How Trump and Sanders could set a precedent for more dissident candidates in the future
The End of Rand Paul…and Libertarian Populism?
The Libertarian Moment That Never Was
Libertarian Jeffrey Tucker‘s article Two Flavors of Tyranny: Red? Or Brown?
Weimar America.
A 2016 Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy Report Card
How Trump foreign policy outlook is closer to Realism than the dominant outlooks of Neoconservatism and Liberal Internationalism
Why the Neoconservatives despise Trump
How Trump’s main flaw is his civil liberties stances

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