Robert Stark interviews Rabbit about Art, Architecture, & Culture










Rabbit is an artist, experimental musician, and blogs at AltLeft.comRobert Lindsay joins latter in on the conversation

Topics include:

How politics is driven by the culture
How conservatives tend to focus on politics and are ineffective in creating culture
How the Alternative Right tends to attracts more creative types than the mainstream right
Why Rabbit feels that much of the Alternative Right holds backwards views towards art and culture
Rabbit’s artistic inspiration in MinimalismCubism, Mid-Century Space Age, and Dutch Constructivism
Danish Modern Interior Design
Robert Stark’s Artwork
The difference between between modernism and postmodernism
Italian Futurism
How cultural innovation has stagnated
How the past is the future( ex: in the mid 20th Century the culture looked to the future instead of the past)
Vintage Las Vegas
Whether capitalism is responsible for aesthetic decline
How in the early to mid 20th Century there was still an innocence to capitalism and higher aesthetic standards
Mid-Century Advertisements
Strip malls Suburban cookie cutter houses as an example of when architecture is driven purely by profit without any aesthetic value

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