Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston about the Iran Deal, Russia’s role in the Mideast, & the US Elections

Keith Preston on Press TV

Topics include:

The Iran Deal and the myths about it
Why the US Establishment is divided over the Iran Deal
US Jews shifting their views on Israel and Iran
Why the Neoconservatives oppose an independent Iran that has emerged as the leader of the Resistance Bloc
How the US has supported Islamic Fundamentalist against Secular Regimes in The Middle East
Why the US is concerned over and wants to prevent Russia from having influence in Mideast
The Refugee Crisis in Europe and how it’s largely a product of Western Intervention in the Middle East
Why the Gulf states are not letting Syrians Refugees in and how they bare much of the guilt over the crisis in Syria
Sanders v. Klein on immigration: The old Left against the adolescent Left
Bernie Sanders and his enemies to the left
How the Plutocracy and Democratic Establishment co-opted the Cultural Left
Trump’s Incoherent Foreign Policy
How Donald Trump is similar to Ross Perot in the sense that their wealth enables them to be outspoken and are favor of Economic Nationalism over Supply Side Economics
How ironically a Trump versus Sanders race could lead to an even more polarized America, because those candidates represent positions closer to those of their supporters as opposed to special interest

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