Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney about the Virginia TV Shooting


Topics include:

Did the Media Drive Gay Black Man Vester Flanagan to Murder Two Journalists?
The Black Lives Matter Movement which incites violence and has mainstream media and political support
How the Black Lives Matter movement is biased in favor of Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders
The life and psychological profile of Vester Flanagan
How Flanagan differs from the profile of white male shooters who tend to be more socially and economically marginalized
How we’re now averaging more than one mass shooting per day
Why mass shootings are on the rise
How we are seeing a whole class of people pushed to the economic margins
People with Asperger’s and how they are screwed in modern atomized society
How bizarre subcultures such as Bronies are forming in reaction to social marginalization
The Phenomenon of young men joining ISIS
How people will likely form new functioning communities in reaction to a broken society
Why the Manosphere’s Fear of ‘TradCons’ is Misguided And Cowardly
More on the Trump campaign and whether his populist stances will repudiate the stupidity of Reagan Conservatism


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