Robert Stark talks to Guillaume Durocher about Éric Zemmour

Robert Stark talks to French author Guillaume Durocher about the 2022 French Presidential Election and the campaign of Éric Zemmour. Other topics discussed include Singapore’s politics, rightwing multiculturalism, and biopolitics . Guillaume Durocher has written for a number of dissident publications including The and American Renaissance, and is the author of The Ancient Ethnostate: Biopolitical Thought in Classical Greece. Follow Guillaume on Twitter.


Éric Zemmour’s background as a political pundit and comparisons to 2016 Trump
How Zemmour is to the right of his challenger Marine Le Pen on both economics and on issues of nationalism and identity
How Zemmour’s demographic of support tends to be older, more well off, and more conservative than Le Pen’s
Zemmour’s policy proposals including an immigration moratorium, natalist bonuses for rural areas, ending hate speech laws, and cutting off funding for woke NGOs
Polling and projections for the runoff and general election and how it is Macron’s election to lose
Zemmour’s strategy of balancing assimilationism with preserving an “ethnic steady state”
A case for the right to embrace multiculturalism as an alternative to nationalism and assimilationismism
Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore as a model for successful multi-ethnic nations
The Secession of French Elites: The Key to Macron’s Success…and Failures

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