Robert Stark talks to Luke Ford about the Capitol Hill Riots











Robert Stark talks to LA based journalist and blogger Luke Ford about the aftermath of the Capitol Hill Riots. Check out Luke’s stream on YouTube and Periscope, and follow him on Twitter.


The degree of responsibility Trump bares for the unrest at the Capitol
Trump’s contesting of the election and his failure to substantiate legal claims
Trump’s presidential legacy and the reasons why he lost the election
Media coverage of the riots and the political limitations of pointing out hypocrisy
The real life consequences of Hyperreality and the E-Personality
The online crackdown on the right and the motives of Big Tech
The political process and significance of the impeachment of Trump
Why Luke doesn’t think the unrest will impact America’s standing in the world
The post-Trump GOP
The hype about LA in decline and why Luke thinks LA will continue to thrive

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