Robert Stark talks to Naama Kates about her Podcast ESC-Hate












Robert Stark and Matt Pegan talk to Naama Kates about her podcast ESC-Hate, which is sponsored by the initiative Light Upon Light. Naama Kates is a journalist, actress, director, and is also the host of the podcast Incel. Follow ESC-Hate and The Incel Project on Twitter.


The show’s premise of dialogue between two people with contrasting viewpoints
The Light Upon Light initiative in contrast with partisan watchdog groups
The conspicuous media bias in coverage of left wing extremism and civil unrest
The show with Andy Ngo and CV Vitolo-Haddad
The upcoming show with Matt Heimbach and Hope Hyder on the George Floyd protests
How cancel culture has gotten worse and makes open discussion impossible
Trump’s handling of the civil unrest and executive order to protect monuments
Civil liberty issues with labeling political movements as terrorist threats(Naama’s interview with Canadian intel specialist Phil Gurski on incels)
The show with Daryl Davis and Jeff Schoep
Antiracism, Our Flawed New Religion
Looking at material and social causes of a controversial viewpoint rather than moral condemnation of an ideology
The importance of social capital and having an in-group
Andy Nowicki’s interview of Naama Kates

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